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Tithe Challenge

What is it?

Your commitment to both the Tithe Challenge and Pervasive Hope 2015 is designed to encourage you to trust God with your finances. Scripture instructs us to bring our “first fruits” to the Lord. In regards to our finances, this means that before we spend on anything else, we are to give back to the Lord.

Tithing is an act of faith that shows (1) we believe all that we have belongs to the Lord, and (2) that we trust that He will provide all that we need. To help you take that step of faith, we encourage you to start tithing today to Rock Church.

We think you will be amazed at how much better you will live on 90% of your income with your faith in the Lord versus 100% of your income and just your own strength.

So, deepen your faith and take the Tithe Challenge. It will enrich your walk with God and allow you to experience your Christian faith in new and vibrant ways.

You can also Join in Generosity by giving over and above your tithe to the Pervasive Hope 2015 campaign. The money you pledge will support the City Heights campus launch, our orphanage in Haiti, and other special projects TBD.

Sign Up Now

By faith, I commit $ to the Pervasive Hope Campaign in 2015 for Rock Church City Heights campus, Haiti orphanage, and other special projects.