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All In Update
May 2018

The ongoing racial tension in our country has been a burden on Pastor Miles’ heart his entire life – and he’s leading our Church to do something about it.

“What I’ve observed about most every conversation on race today is that culture always tries to force us to choose sides. Are you FOR me or AGAINST me? Everything is rooted in an “us” vs. “them” mentality, which divides our nation, and sadly continues to divide the church.” ~ Pastor Miles McPherson

His new book, The Third Option: Hope for a Racially Divided Nation, talks frankly about the racial biases in our country and how to move beyond them, like our Church has been blessed to do. The Rock Church is unique to have diversity that parallels that of San Diego: 48% White, 28% Hispanic, 14% Black, 7% Asian, 3% other.

In his book which will be released on September 11, 2018, Pastor Miles explains that there is hope in following a third option – one founded on God’s word.

But beyond writing a book, Pastor Miles wants to give others a chance to be part of the solution:

On September 15, 2018, the Rock Church is going to partner with churches from around the nation to have a forthright conversation about race. We are going to do this by hosting a national simulcast called A Race for Unity (

“Whenever I have preached on this subject around the country, the reaction is always remarkable. People are looking for the Third Option – God’s option for dealing with racial division. As a result, pastor friends of mine from the deep South, to the East Coast, to here in California are on board for the simulcast. 
I am so excited about what God will do through this national event.” ~ Pastor Miles McPherson

The ALL IN Campaign is how the Rock Church funds special outreach projects that depend on the “above and beyond” giving of our church family. Believing that God has uniquely called him and the Rock Church to do something about the racial divide in America, Pastor Miles asks us all to join him by helping make the national simulcast event a reality.

The cost to put on a national simulcast that will impact this many people is approximately $200,000. It is a decent amount of money, but we think it is time to do something positive to help heal our country.

You can make a gift by clicking HERE or by using a tithe envelope at any campus. Be sure to designate your donation as an “ALL IN Gift.”

“Thank you for partnering with me as the Lord leads you.” ~ Pastor Miles McPherson

Your above and beyond giving will allow us to accomplish the following:
Our Home
San Ysidro
Begin phase 1 of a permanent home for our thriving South Bay campus, to provide greater opportunities for outreach.
Open additional sites to bring Christ’s love & Rock’s Sunday services to those who will not come to a church.
Our Community
Toys For Joy
Bring Christmas and God’s love in 2017 to 25,000 San Diegans in need.
Outreach Ministries
Support Prison Outreach, Homeless Ministry, Foster Care Ministry, Drug & Alcohol Recovery, Human Trafficking, etc.
Rock Your City Events
Partner with city & local leaders to revitalize the communities & neigh- borhoods we live in.
Our World
Digital Evanglism
Expand online views of the gospel message to 57 million in 2018 - resulting in 1 million accepting Christ.
Online Campus
Create Expanded Online Church Experience for those accepting Christ around the world online.
Haiti – Super Kitchen
Feed 1,000 malnourished children a balanced life-giving meal five days per week.
Mexico, India, Uganda
Train local leaders to reach their communities with the love of Christ.
Goal for All In
As Kingdom Warriors, God calls us to be His witnesses in Jerusalem (Our Home), Judea and Samaria (Our Community) and the ends of the earth (Our World). Acts 1:8
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