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Local Outreach – $1,000,000
  • Homeless, prison & other outreaches.
  • Toys for Joy & city improvement events.
Evangelism – $750,000
  • Presenting the gospel to everyone online.
  • Supporting the Rock Church online campus.
Global Outreach – $250,000
  • Providing for orphans in Uganda & Haiti and Middle East refugees.
  • Supporting discipleship schools in Oaxaca, Mexico and Cape Town, South Africa.
San Ysidro Campus – $500,000
  • Phase 1 in establishing a new campus.
Ministry Tools – $500,000
  • Replacing obsolete and failing technical equipment that is now 11 years old.
Examples of How Every Dollar Makes An Impact:
Local Outreach
Toys For Joy serves 22,000 struggling children and families in San Diego.
$21 Purchases 3 quality toys at wholesale price ($7/each).
$100 Provides 95 Spanish New Testaments to give away at event.
$1,000 Buys 585 bags of the groceries from the Food Bank - helping feed 300 families.
Homelessness and Incarceration are growing realities in San Diego county.
$25/mo. Provides 150 balanced meals for clients at our partner rehabilitation center.
$250 Provides educational and discipleship programs for 5 inmates.
$5,000 Underwrites emergency overnight shelter for 240 women & children.
Serving our city through renovating parks, schools, police stations & military outreach.
$15 Provides paint for a school improvement project.
$85 Buys plants to enrich a local park.
$2,500 Underwrites event to support families of deployed service members.
Sharing the gospel with EVERYONE using social media.
$50/mo. Leads to 5,000 people viewing a gospel message monthly from Pastor Miles on Facebook.
$150 Can result in 300 people praying to accept Christ online – all over the world.
$10,000 Enables 1,000,000 to hear the gospel online, leading 20,000 to Christ.
Global Outreach
Caring for orphans in Uganda & Haiti and refugees in the Middle East.
$35/mo. Buys school supplies for ten students, allowing us to share the gospel with refugee families.
$400 Supports one older orphan at a vocational school in Uganda for a year.
$7,500 Drills a clean water well in a poor Haitian village.
San Ysidro Campus
We continue to trust God to provide a permanent home for our San Ysidro church family of more than 1,100 each week.
Ministry Tools
After 11 years of extensive ministry use much of our equipment in Point Loma is obsolete and/or starting to fail. Meantime, we are expanding our online outreach. The need for technology upgrades is critical.
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Let’s do something together
“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”
Ephesians 2:10