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Fresh Word

Many of us have read the story of Abraham and his son Isaac. Genesis 22:2 Isaac was God's promise to Abraham and his wife, after years of waiting and praying. It didn't take long for Isaac to become an idol for Abraham which is why God asked him to sacrifice Isaac. That's another blog post. For now, I'd like to direct your thoughts towards this idea: What is a fresh word? A fresh word from God?

I hear from God daily, either by sitting still or through reading scripture. It's a habit I began several years ago. As a kid I wasn't aware of Bible reading plans or ways to read the Bible so I would just pick the Bible up and read about someone's family tree or some strange prophetic event that involved creatures and stuff. Every time I tried, I would get confused and put the Bible back down. Then I started reading with an intentional plan or format. There are many to choose from that help you better understand the Bible as a whole.

Hearing from God takes an intentional effort and a daily effort. It's like any other relationship, right? How often do you talk with you wife or husband? Your kids? A few times a day, a few times a week? A relationship with God is the same. It takes an intentional effort daily to know him, understand him, learn about him, learn his heart, and hear his voice through the texts.

When Abraham was given a word to sacrifice his son, he went about getting everything prepared. Right before he struck the blow that would kill his son, what happens.... he hears a voice saying "Don't lay a hand on the boy". Genesis 22:12 What would have happened if Abraham was still operating under an old word from God? The difference between Isaac living and dying was a fresh word from God. How do you get a fresh word?

Read God's word daily. Reflect on it, ask him to prepare your heart for it every time you read and share with us what God is revealing to you.

You can begin a plan here

Lead Worship Pastor,
Marc Millan


Marc Millan
Associate Campus Pastor, Worship
Marc Millan is the Lead Worship Pastor at Rock Church and is a growing, learning, Christ-follower, who is saved by grace and seeking to improve his world daily through servant leadership.
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