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Hide or Seek?

Sometimes in our lives, we tend to sit back and wait for life to happen. However, this is not an example of a life of intention. Waiting for life to happen to us is an example of a life in hiding. God’s Word tells us to seek Him. Luke 11:10 says, “Everyone who seeks, finds.” This leads to a life of exploration, excitement and the extraordinary. So, my question to you is, Are you hiding or seeking?

In life today, it is very easy to become complacent with the mundane life. This is not the life God created for you. God created you for an extraordinary life, not a humdrum life. When we explore the life of Jesus, there was always something fresh happening. One way we can tell if we are living a life after Christ is to evaluate if our every day life follows the same routine patterns. Going to work, having a meal, a general conversation on the phone, going home, having dinner, and going to bed; then, getting up the next day and doing that all over again. BORING! That is not the abundant life God imagined for you.

We can either hide in this ordinary lifestyle or we can seek Him and have a remarkable life with our amazing God. In order to experience this exciting new life with Christ, it requires some conditioning. This is simply the process of learning a little more about who God is. Without knowing and learning about who He is, you are not able to experience Him the way He truly designed you to or the relationship He desires to have with you.

The problem is that most people do not believe this kind of life is possible. Whether life is based on personal failures, a continual life of trying but never getting anywhere, or just plain disbelief, there is a barrier that effects the potential to transition to an extraordinary life. What’s the barrier? YOU!

Now before you get totally upset with me and say, “How dare you say that I am the problem when I have been trying! I have been going to church, listening to Miles, visiting community groups, and even serving on Sundays.”

As much as this may hurt, the fact is, you are the only one that can prevent yourself from experiencing this life.

Experiencing the abundant life God has in mind for you is learning who God is and about His character. This, my friend, requires for you to go into training. As author James Smith would suggest in The Good and Beautiful God, you need soul training. You must train what is on the inside to recognize God’s truths first and foremost, and not allow society to be the greatest influence on your life. Instead, allow God and His Word to be the greatest influence. This, my friend, requires TRAINING.

By continuing to read this, you are admitting you want more from life! For a moment, I want you to consider an Olympic athlete. One of the most notable attributes about an Olympic athlete is their intentional training. They focus on form, breathing, muscle strengthening and specific details in every aspect of their particular sport. Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 9, that we have to train to do what we should be doing. True athletes train to improve their personal best, because that is what they can influence. Paul tells us in 1 Timothy 4, “that physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better.” So again, a mundane life is not because of a lack of effort on your part, but perhaps on the lack of appropriate placement of that effort. As an example of misplaced efforts, allow me to use the TV. In a day, you may watch 2-4 of your favorite TV shows. This would equate to a minimum of 2 ½ hours watching television, compared to time spent learning the facts of who God is.

Chances are, your Christian life has not been made common based on a lack of effort (as described above), but for lack of specific and directed training. Listen; because you are created in God’s image, by default you are creative and a conqueror. This unspectacular and limited life that you have been bound to in your mind can be overcome! It is up to YOU to do the training. No one else, YOU!

Does this mean that life will not throw you curve balls? No. Does this mean that your life will change overnight? It’s possible, but probably not. What it does mean is that you can create a pattern in your life of learning about God and who He is. This is what will train your mind, your soul and your inner spirit, which allows you to live a life of intention. This is the training that creates the drive and focus of intentional behaviors and habits that move you from a mundane lifestyle to extraordinary living. It’s the intentionality of finding out exactly who God is for yourself instead of waiting for someone to tell you about who God is. Yes, you can change the course of the rest of your life. Start training today!

My challenge to you: for every Facebook post, Tweet, or YouTube video you read or watch today, read the same number of verses in the Bible. This is one way that can help to further clarify and open your eyes to where some intentional efforts may be made to train yourself to focus on God’s Word on a regular basis.


Chad Greer
Associate Campus Pastor
Chad Greer is the North County Associate Campus Pastor. Born in Mississippi, Chad now lives in San Diego with his wife Valerie and 4 children.
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