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Scripture: What is the Bible All About?

As we continue to read the Bible together as a church and community, a passage comes to mind that really makes something very clear but rarely understood.

What is the Bible all about?

The Bible for many believers is about them, they go about reading it looking for THEM in scripture, when in actuality scripture not about us at all, but entirely about JESUS. All of scripture points us to him, each recorded account teaches us something more about Jesus.

This is an important detail because if you are reading a scripture to discover something about yourself you might find something important, but even more important than that is discovering something new about our savior. Jesus shared this with us in John 5:39 "You search the Scriptures because you think they give you eternal life. But the Scriptures point to me!" - In Other words, seek me for eternal life, without your heart seeking me, scripture is just knowledge from a book.

God's word is filled with encounters, events and truth.

Jesus was talking with Bible scholars of his day, although HE was the living word, in the chapter we reference here they were memorizing God's word, studying God's word, they really knew God's word but they were also idolizing the word of God instead of worshiping the God of the word. 

God's word is filled with encounters, events and truth...allow God to reveal who HE as you read it, is as we continue to learn more about GOD through scripture, be encouraged to know that as you seek HIM the text on the pages will JUMP out to you in fresh ways.

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Marc Millan
Associate Campus Pastor, Worship
Marc Millan is the Lead Worship Pastor at Rock Church and is a growing, learning, Christ-follower, who is saved by grace and seeking to improve his world daily through servant leadership.
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