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Rock Relief

Disaster Relief Fund

What’s Happening?

Natural disasters and extreme weather continue to produce fires, earthquakes, hurricanes and flooding that impact lives near and far. People have lost their homes, many have lost their lives, and even more will be facing the reality of starting their lives over, having lost everything. The heart of Rock Church is to establish Pervasive Hope, and that is exactly what we plan to do through our relief efforts throughout California. Give to the Rock Church Disaster Fund to help support and provide for the needs of families that are affected. 

What are we doing as a church body?

Our most immediate and tangible response is to rally financial support for those organizations on the ground most equipped to provide relief and assistance. Our team at Rock Church is currently monitoring the situation on the ground and networking with local churches and other relief agencies to determine how to provide financial support and ongoing support throughout the recovery process.

What can I do?

PRAY for all those impacted by the devastating storms and fires, from the residents who have lost their homes and possessions to the safety workers who are currently risking their lives to rescue people trapped, to those workers who will be responsible to support those who have experienced loss.

GIVE a donation to the Rock Church Disaster Relief Fund. 100% of donations will directly benefit the efforts to provide for the needs of those impacted by storms and natural disasters.

SHARE this opportunity with your friends and family who are looking for a way to make a difference in this difficult time. Every dollar counts.