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Part 1, The Plan To Do Something
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About this Series

“The Do-Something Church” is a community that is committed to doing what Jesus did with the intent of providing a practical way to spread the love and hope of Jesus Christ. We are driven by a desire to see hope established in every community. more...

For every way a person can be lost, we want to provide a practical way for them to be found in the very place they have ended up. We call this vision Pervasive Hope. We have been challenged to open our eyes and notice what’s going on in the community around us. What needs exist? What resources, talents, and skills do we have to respond to those needs? Showing the love of God in practical, selfless ways has an eternal impact on the people in our sphere of influence; that’s the kind of love we want to bring to San Diego and the world. You were created to Do Something and make a difference in the world around you! Now is the time.

This 4-week series “Do Something” dreams about the ways we can help bring pervasive hope to the surrounding community… and then actually do something about it!
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Messages in This Series