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Following Jesus looks like something. The goal of disciples in the 1st century was to follow a teacher so closely that the very dust that came up from their rabbi’s sandals would settle onto their own clothing. As 21st century disciples, following Jesus means that we do what he did, cling to his every word, and follow his leadership so closely that his holiness settles on us. more...

This is why we choose to be a Do Something Church, and we want to invite you to take action with us. As a multigenerational, multicultural community of disciples we celebrate diversity and mobilizes people to use their gifts and talents to make a difference. We are committed to helping you take the Gospel into every street, and to every person, so we can show the world that no matter where one finds themselves, Jesus is the hope they long for.

The Rock Church


Know God. Grow in Community. Make a Difference. This is the mission that marks us. At Rock Church, you will be constantly challenged, motivated, and inspired to grow deeper in your relationship with God, develop meaningful and life giving relationships, and use your talents to expand God’s Kingdom. And as you do, you will see the true hope of Jesus transform your life and the lives of those around you.
The Rock Church


The Rock Church Officially Opens at SDSU
Our Pastor

A Man Committed to Pervasive Hope

Since Rock Church opened its doors in 2000, Pastor Miles has been committed to the vision of being a “Do Something” Church - a church that takes action. Over 20 years later, we have five campuses, a location in Oahu, Hawaii, as well as online streaming and “Church Anywhere” sites that help foster discipleship and community around the world.

Rock Church also runs K-12 academy, serves survivors of human trafficking through an intake and resource center, provides resources to San Diego County through events such as Toys for Joy, and equips emerging church leaders in through a practical ministry and theolgogical training school.
Our Church

A Movement Committed to Hope

In a world of slacktivism, outrage culture, and online polarization, it seems one thing is missing: true action. That’s why Rock Church chooses to be an outward-facing, service-oriented church. We believe that the hope the world seeks is found in the teachings, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, we want to do something to make that hope known on every street and to every person.

As part of this community, you will be constantly challenged, motivated, and inspired to use your talents to expand God’s Kingdom and share the love of Jesus with the world.
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