Heart For The House (2022)

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Part 1, Heart For The House
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In a cultural moment when the Church seems to be losing its popularity in the eyes of the world, we know that Jesus – and His house – never cease to be relevant. more...

But the house is more than a building we visit on weekends. It is more than a room we invite people into or a Sunday service.

The house, simply put, is the people of God. As believers, we are “being built into a spiritual house” (1 Peter 2:5) so that we can offer the same hospitality and generosity to the world that Jesus extended to us.

This means that at Rock Church, our “heart for the house” is truly a heart for people. We want to see relationships mended, families restored, addiction broken, and true hope realized.

This 6-week series focuses on the discipleship values we want to cultivate in our local house at Rock Church. We want to have humble hearts, servant’s hearts, and hearts that worship wholeheartedly - both inside and outside the walls. We desire to see this house – and San Diego – look more like Heaven.
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