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Part 1, Spiritual Gifts
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What will be your legacy? A legacy is something that is handed down from one generation to another. It may be an estate, a sum of money, or a family name. A legacy might be passed down in the form of ideas, a reputation, or even a way of living. Whatever we choose to pass down, every single one of us will leave some type of legacy. And as a church, the Rock also has the opportunity to leave a legacy. more...

As a Do Something Church, we are always thinking about how we can bless and serve our community, and this will certainly be part of the legacy we leave. But the legacy that God wants us to have in the world isn’t just about what we do. The legacy He wants us to leave is a legacy of who we know - a legacy of knowing Jesus! Long after we are gone, we want the Rock Church to continue to make the name of Jesus known in San Diego.

This 3-week series takes a look back at three of our favorite messages from the archives. Two of the teachings in the LEGACY series - one on spiritual gifts and the other on prayer - are integral to our identity as a church and have propelled us further into the mission to which we feel God has called us.
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Messages in This Series