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Part 1, Know God
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Rock Church is made up of a diverse community of people who are committed to living out what we believe. Rather than just talking about God, we want to actually know Him. Rather than simply reading about Christian community in the Bible, we want to actually grow together in community. Instead of sitting on the gifts and talents we have been given or bottling up the hope that Jesus has offered us, we want to actually do something to make a difference. more...

Know God. Grow in Community. Make a Difference. This is the mission that marks us. But how do we actually live this out? How do we make this more than a mission statement and actualize it in our lives?

This 3-week series “My Church” unpacks the foundational principles that make up Rock Church and casts vision for where we are headed as a church family.

Our heart is that you will be constantly challenged, motivated, and inspired to grow deeper in your relationship with God, to develop meaningful and life-giving relationships, and to use your talents to expand God’s Kingdom. And as you do, you will see the true hope of Jesus transform your life and the lives of those around you.
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