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Part 1, What Motivates You To Give?
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Did you know that the attitude that motivates your giving can either unlock or hinder God’s declared Testimony over your life? That inward attitude establishes a witness in heaven and it is based on that witness, whether one of faith or fear, that God declares a Testimony over our lives. more...

When Abraham offered his son Isaac, Abraham’s motivation was affirmed when the Angel of the Lord said, “Now I know that you fear God.” It was based on that witness of his fear of God that God declared and testified that He would bless the world through Abraham.

The impact of the motivation attached to our giving can either expand or hinder our kingdom influence. God isn’t as concerned with how much we give as He is with the posture of our hearts behind our giving. When we give out of pure love and gratitude for everything God has done in our lives – rather than out of guilt, obligation or expectation of receiving something in return – God bears Testimony that He really has our whole heart. He doesn’t need our money; He needs our hearts in order to change the world!

In this four-part series, Pastor Miles discusses that The Testimony that God declares over our lives is based on the attitudes attached to our giving. He emphasizes that generosity isn’t only about money but more about the motivation behind the offering. The Rock would not have been able to positively influence the community the way it has without the faithful giving of its congregation. Pastor Miles discusses the testimony of the work that people’s contributions have done (and will do) in the community to expand God’s kingdom here on earth. Your generosity fuels our ministry to the hurting, the homeless, the brokenhearted, the orphan, and the lost.
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