Weaponized Worship

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Part 1, What is Weaponized Worship?
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As a church family, we wholeheartedly believe that worship is foundational to the Christian walk. At the most fundamental level, worship is the act of declaring God worthy. It is the act of ministering to God’s heart and agreeing with God about who God is, and we want to be a church that intentionally pours out our praise on the feet of Jesus day after day. As we look at Jesus in worship, He transforms our hearts and our circumstances. more...

So what does worship have to do with warfare? If we look at the whole of the biblical narrative, we see that God invites his people to respond to warfare with praise! From Jehoshaphat’s decision to put worshippers on the frontline of battle (2 Chronicles 20) to Paul and Silas being released from their chains after worshipping in prison (Acts 16), the Bible makes it clear that worship is a weapon.

This 3-week series unpacks scripture and discusses what it looks like to weaponize our worship.
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