Pastoral Support Team

What is the Pastoral Support Team? 

The Pastoral Support Team (PST) is a discipleship community of future Rock Church leaders that actively engage in pastoral care ministry while receiving ministry instruction, modeling, and supervision. 

The Pastoral Support Team mentoring ministry is a minimum of a ten-month commitment, with classes taking place approximately three Sundays a month. The classes will begin on Sunday, February 18th, at 1pm. 

The mentorship is considered to be a practical and educational process for mature believers who sense a call to minister to the people who attend and visit Rock Church. The design of the training process is to give personal instruction and practical experience within the full range of biblical church leadership and evangelistic functions. 

Important Details:

Classes start February 18th at 1pm

Application is due January 21st

Sign Up 

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To be considered for the PST, prospective members will need to meet the following prerequisites. 

  • Life Class Completion
  • Serve form
  • Background check
  • Currently actively serving in ministry
  • Faithful witness
  • Have completed Encounter by February 18th. 
  • Applicants must be invited, interviewed, and approved by Rock Church campus pastoral staff. Application process ends on January 21st.
Pastoral support Team Instruction (What You'll Learn):
  • Pastoral Care functions (Biblical guidance, prayer, weddings, funerals, benevolence, visitations, etc.)
  • Discipleship Pathway engagement; Personal and team spiritual development
  • Ministry of the Holy Spirit through people-care ministry
  • Freedom, deliverance, healing prayer training
  • Introduction to Bible Study
  • Leadership development training
  • Personal and team spiritual development
  • Stewardship instruction
  • Evangelism training and ministry experiences for team members to share their faith and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Opportunities will also be made available to the Pastoral Support Team to engage in local, national, and global ministry experiences (e.g. Rock Church outreaches, Good Friday, Easter, International Missions, etc.)
Pastoral Support Team COMMITMENTS:
  • The mentoring ministry involves a minimum of 8 hours a week of instruction and Pastoral Ministry experience on Sundays and midweek.
  • Teaching cluster – PST participants meet generally once a week for 90 minutes for care ministry, leadership training, and group interaction with Rock Church pastoral leadership (Sundays 1pm-2:30pm)
  • Sunday Ministry – PST participants serve at assigned Rock Church Sunday services.
  • Mid-week – In addition, the PST members serve a shift for the church Care Ministry needs during the week.