Symbol of Torture or Invitation?

by A Rock Stories Contributor | March 28, 2024

Throughout history, mankind has been creative and brutal enough to come up with many, many means of torture and execution. Burning, boiling, chopping, gasing, electrifying, hanging, stoning, the list goes on and on. 

Does anyone find it curious that God chose to send His Son into the world to die at the time and place where death by crucifixion was popular?

Does anyone find it curious...

One foot on top of the other, a spike, hammered through both was driven into a vertical plank of wood. On a horizontal plank of wood, the left hand was nailed on one end, and the right hand was nailed to the other. To keep from sagging and allowing the full weight of his body to pull at his pierced hands, the person being executed would try to lift himself up; to effectively stand on his pierced feet. And so he would sag in agony until dead, arms outstretched.

I know seeing the broken and tortured Jesus as He is depicted on the cross is hard for many to look at. I have spoken to many who lament the constant visual reminder of Jesus’ barbarous crucifixion throughout their upbringing in church. But for some reason, the sight of Jesus on the cross brings to mind something a bit different for me. Yes, it is awful to see how much He suffered for my sins. But I can’t help but be moved by the outstretched arms of Jesus as if somehow an invitation to me. His arms are open for me to enter into.

But I can’t help but be moved by the outstretched arms of Jesus as if somehow an invitation to me.

Jesus could have stepped in at any time in history and in any region. I wonder if He carefully chose how to die so that we would see this message: Come into My love. Take hold of My body broken for you. This is your home and refuge. Don’t feel sorry for Me. I gave My life freely. These stripes are your healing. These are the arms that will hold you forever. 


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