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South Africa Mission Trip | Summer 2014
Presented by Short Term Missions

Cape Town Townships

Unique Situation

South Africa though a stunningly beautiful and diverse nation remnants of apartheid still remain. It is estimated that nearly 20% of the adult female population is HIV positive.

Unique Need

To experience the overwhelming love that Jesus has for them and to know the amazing value He has placed on them.

Ministry Options

  • Children and youth outreach
  • Evangelism
  • Medical Clinics
  • Construction and Work Projects
  • Mentorship
  • Cosmetology

Trip Dates

July 27-August 10, 2014

Trip Prices

$3,498 all-inclusive from New York, NY

$3,798 all-inclusive from Los Angeles, CA

Simple Church. Simple Love. Simply Jesus.

Known as the rainbow nation, South Africa is a country with nine provinces and eleven official languages. This country is as diverse in people groups as it is in terrain. The South African people are some of the most gracious, warm, and generous people in the world. However, the country remains scarred after the government-sponsored racism known as apartheid. If Christ’s healing hand is brought to the broken-hearted they can permeate the nations of Africa with His message of hope and love.

Travel to the Cape Town region of South Africa, where we’ll be serving with All Nations Ministry pioneered by church planter and author, Floyd McClung.

Our focus will be on the urban settlement of Masiphumelele. Initially known as “Site 5″, this township was re-named by its residents from a Xhosa word meaning “we will succeed”.

Over 38,000 of these colorful, multi-ethnic people suffer under a heave spirit of hopelessness, brought on by a 70% unemployment rate, high levels of child abuse, and poverty. We’re working to change this by bringing the love of Christ through evangelism, construction, medical clinics, children’s and youth outreach, mentorship, and even cosmetology.

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Event Details

Sunday · July 27, 2014
Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa
$3,798 all-inclusive from Los Angeles, C
Believers World Outreach