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Note: This event is over 90 days old.


Mind Movie Creation Night!
Presented by the Art Ministry
Together we will be praying over our VISION!!!!
Remember to read the Introduction and Chapter 1
of PUSH: Pray Until Something Happens by Pastor
Jurgen Matthesius. We will be discussing it on Tues.
You can buy PUSH at c3 Church for $10
( for service times & details)
or on Amazon. 
Vision Assignment:
We are going to create a mind movie together!
These are a fun and ideal way to keep your vision
in front of you every day. They work on your subconscious
mind and brand new images into your imagination,
which allows them to manifest naturally into your life.
By working with the heart and the emotions with music,
it magnetically attracts your vision toward you! 
I created a mind movie about five years ago and since then,
almost EVERYTHING has come to pass! One of the things I put
on there was MY CIRCLE OF ARTIST FRIENDS with a picture
of a bunch of happy people connected in a circle. I had no idea
God would call me to Impact 195 and then make me the leader of
the art ministry where I have developed amazing friendships with
a group of amazing artists! ie YOU!!! ;D It's amazing what having a
vision will do for you!
For this week all you need to do is create short, positive statements
for your mind movie. Then collect 10-20 images that represent 
those statements. Place the images in a new folder called Mind Movie.
(Hint: Pinterest is a huge help to find images!)
Three categories for statements:
1. My Dreams
2. My Career/Calling
3. My Ministry
Dreams statement examples:
My beach front home (picture of beach front home in your ideal location)
My husband and I are best friends (picture of you and your husband
  doing something fun you want to do ie. holding hands on the beach)
- I have abundant energy (picture of you in perfect health)
My hawaii vacation (grab several images from hawaii of what you would
  like to do there ie. snorkeling, horseback riding, helicopter ride, waterfall hike etc)
- (Other ideas include Cars, Boats, Bikes, Jetskis, Planes, Travel & How Often,
   Experiences, Shopping & Where, Lifestyle, Personal Trainer, Family, Pets & What
   Kind, Social Circle, What Impact You Have Together, What Do You Do With Them etc)
-What do you do? What is your title? Do you own your own business?
-How much do you earn? How do you earn it?
-Do you want to write a book? Try the statement,
"My NYT Bestselling Book" with a picture of a NYT bestseller list
Who do you want to be? Personal Affirmations? How will you contribute?
"I am an inspirational leader!" (Picture of you serving someone)
"I bring healing & freedom to artists around the world!" (Pictures of healing & freedom)
REMEMBER: This is going to manifest how you picture it!
Choose your pictures wisely and have a blast doing it! Your
future is yours to create! We are co-workers with Christ so
be sure to ask the Spirit for wisdom, guidance, and His will!
For the vision is yet for the appointed time;
It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail.
Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly
come, it will not delay. Habakkuk 2:3

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Event Details

Tuesday · February 3, 2015
7 - 10 PM
Residential Home (with panoramic view of SD!)
4924 Uvada Place San Diego CA 92116
Jeannette Vancio