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Work Crew Weekend
Presented by the College Ministry


(Work Crew Weekend)


Departure                                                                             Return

Friday May 15th 10pm                                                         Sunday May 17th 12pm

De Anza Cove                                                                         De Anza Cove

(After the SDSU Bonfire)




Oakbridge is located between Ramona and Julian about 50 miles Northeast of downtown San Diego.  It is a 1 hour drive from De Anza Cove.  



We will be hosting a bonfire at De Anza Cove starting at 6pm on Friday and will leave straight from the bonfire around 10pm.  We will be carpooling and you can leave your car there overnight if you will be riding with someone.



Oakbridge is a YoungLife Camp for Junior High Students during the summer and we are going there to do a few last minute service projects to make sure the camp is beautiful for their arrival in June. 


For most of these students this will be the best week of their life and many will hear the Gospel for the first time and some will commit the rest of their lives to Him during this weeklong camp. 


We will also have 3 devotional times for you to grow in your relationship with the Lord as well as grow closer to brothers and sisters through service together.  It is always more fun and fruitful when doing things with others.



The financial cost is usually $200 a weekend but for us because we are serving, it is FREE, but the cost of giving up your weekend and working hard unto the Lord will be great.  It is an opportunity to lay your life down for your brethren and serve the Lord.  He will give you a return that is greater than any amount of money you could earn this weekend.



All of your food will be provided.  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.



We will have free time Saturday evening to hang out and use the camp for activities and participate in games together.


What to Bring

Once you have RSVP’d you will receive a suggested packing list of recommended items to bring, such as what type of work clothes, and how much clothing to bring.  For example: Ladies do not need to bring more than 3 pairs of shoes and guys need to bring at least 3 pairs of underwear.  We will give you an itemized list of suggested items to bring and how much.


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Event Details

Friday · May 15, 2015 - Sunday · May 17, 2015
6 - 12 PM