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Artist Life Group - The Artist's Way
Presented by the Art Ministry
We are starting a new 12 week series
for the summer going through the 
classic book on unblocking your creativity,
The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

Date: Starting Tuesday June 30th (continuing every Tues night this summer)
Time: 7PM
Location: Brian's House
4924 Uvada Place SD 92116

Invite friends! The Artist's Way is for all kinds of creatives: Fine artists, photographers, seamstresses, graphic designers, musicians, dancers, DJ's, actors, performers, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry etc! All of us are creative and we are going to get into our creative flow and stay there!!!

One of the ways we are going to 
unlock our creativity is through what
Julia calls Morning Pages. It involves
writing three stream-of-consciousness pages, 
longhand, every morning. Doing the process
is so important that Cameron calls it “non-negotiable.”

They are not supposed to be “art” or even “writing.”
They are to help recognize and release the critic
(Cameron’s ‘Censor’) inside. So the pages are often
stilted, filled with self doubt, angry, whiny, and petty-
and that’s a good thing. Why is that good? Because
that stuff is what’s in the way of creativity, and you
want to bring it out to the light of day. Cameron states that,

“Morning pages do help us get to the other side:
the other side of our fear, our negativity, of our moods.
Above all they get us beyond our Censor. Beyond
the reach of the Censor’s babble we find our own
quiet center, the place where we hear the still, small voice…”

We will be supplementing this book with scripture
and discussing God as our power to higher creativity.

Together we are going to bust that critic, find our creative voice,

and reclaim our power as artists who bring our gift to the world!

What is your passion? Your hobbies? Your creative voice?
This series is going to get us all back in the flow and help us monetize our creativity!

The first week we will be doing an overview of chapter one. If you can, read through the intro and chapter one for our first group. It will help us lead a more thorough discussion. 

You can buy the book on Amazon or borrow from the library. 

Link on Amazon:

FB Event Page for The Artist's Way (RSVP here):

I look forward to seeing you all!

Much love!
Jeannette Vancio

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Event Details

Tuesday · June 30, 2015
7 - 9 PM
Brian's House
4924 Uvada Place San Diego CA 92116
Jeannette Vancio