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The Gift In You (4-week series)
Presented by the Art Ministry
We are starting a great new DVD and book series this year featuring Dr. Carolyn Leaf.
She is a Christian cognitive neuroscientist that proves the Bible through brain science.
We are going through several of her books starting with The Gift in You:
Discovering New Life Through Gifts Hidden in Your Mind.
Here is the link for the book:
Here is the link for the study guide from her main website:
The book is a little cheaper on Amazon than Dr. Leaf's main page. However,
the study guide is cheaper on her website than Amazon. If you are
pressed for time to get the book by the start of class, just do free two-day shipping
on Amazon Prime. First 30 days are free.
This book shows exactly how to structure your God given gift and calling
in life so you can effectively and easily put it to use every day. WHEN to use
the gift is just as helpful as it is to learn what your gift is and how to apply.
Dr. Leaf has created a test to discover your gift and goes into 
depth in using it. This book is one of the most important breakthroughs
you will have for your creativity!
We are a mixed group of creatives from dancers, singers, seamstresses,
fine artists, photographers, musicians, architects, construction, jewelry and writers.
Come learn what your unique gift is, how to apply, and create a powerful creative life you love!
See you Tues!! 

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Event Details

Tuesday · February 2, 2016
7 - 9 PM
Brian's House
4924 Uvada Place San Diego 92116
Jeannette Vancio