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Note: This event is over 90 days old.


Considering Adoption: Adoption Panel
Presented by Adoption
Adoption Stores!

Join the Rock Adoption Ministry and San Diego Association for Life for breakfast, exhibits, and a candid discussion of adoption.

Panel includes:

  • Birthparents

  • Adoptive Parents

  • Adoption and crisis pregnancy counselors

This event is graciously hosted by our friends at San Diego First Assembly and San Diego Association for Life.

Here are a few of the stories.

Michelle was 19 and involved in a violent relationship and making bad lifestyle choices. After reaching a low point in her life, as always, her mom encouraged her to ask God for guidance. She prayed and asked for Gods intervention, promised to follow Him. A week later, she learned she was pregnant! At the time she thought God hadnt heard her prayer but later, she realized that the Lord used this crisis pregnancy to bless so many lives! The Lord has dedicated her life to ministry.

Heather was 26 and pregnant again. She knew she couldnt keep this baby. Heather had a long term drug problem, been in and out of jail and drug rehabs for years and her mom had custody of her other two sons. She placed her baby with a couple who not only love and cherish this child, but they embraced and encouraged Heather. That was four years ago. Shes been drug free, shes going to school, and working in her dream career!

Youll meet another young woman who wanted to have an abortion. When she was told she had waited too long, she punched her own belly and imagined deliberately falling down the stairs to terminate her pregnancy. Shes grateful she chose life and open adoption. She and her family have a very close relationship with the baby and adopting family. A year later shes engaged to be married and just asked the adopting mom of her baby to be her matron of honor.

Seventeen years ago a young single mother contacted the AdoptionCenter. She explained that she was already struggling with her 2 year old son. She just found out she was 10 weeks pregnant and the birth father was in jail. She said if the AdoptionCenter couldnt help her find parents for her baby she was going to get an abortion. That baby is now a teenager and SHE and her birth father are going to join our panel.


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Event Details

Saturday · February 27, 2010
8:30 AM - 12 PM
Erika Payne