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Life Groups

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Life Groups the same?
Rock Life Groups are as diverse as those that attend on Sundays. The Leader makes the subject culturally relevant to those in their group. Some groups delve more deeply into weekend messages, some study a book of the Bible, or study topical messages found in Scripture. The basic components you should find in all Rock Life Groups are: prayer, worship, studying biblical principles through the Bible, building community, and serving the needs of our community with a Do Something heart.
Do Life Groups provide childcare?
A number of Life Groups do have childcare while others may not. You can check our listing to see what study fits your needs.
Do you have to be a Christian to attend a Life Group?
No, you do not need to be a Christian to attend a Life Group. Life Groups are a place where Christians and non-Christians alike can explore Jesus and His teachings together. In fact, one of the best places to understand Jesus and Christianity is in Life Groups.
What if I have never been to church before? Can I still go to a Life Group?
Absolutely! Life Groups are open to everyone.
Do I need to bring anything to Life Group?
We recommend you bring a Bible, a pen or pencil, and something to write on, but these are not requirements to attend.
Do I have to pray out loud at Life Group?
The choice is yours. We understand this can be intimidating and we encourage the freedom to decline to pray out loud until you feel comfortable. We know that God hears us when we pray out loud and when we simply pray along "in our hearts" with others, so take as much time as you need.

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About Life Groups

Life Groups are weekly gatherings in homes and coffee shops throughout San Diego county. They exist to inspire spiritual growth, centered around the Bible, worship, prayer and doing outreach service together.