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22:6 Youth Fishing


Ministry Leadership

  “I love fishing. I love it even more when kids catch fish.”
   – Barry Whitfield, Volunteer Leader

Teaching kids to take part in an adventure rather than downloading one. Helping them discover a passion they never knew they had. Guiding their curiosities towards setting goals and accomplishing them. Exposing young hearts and minds to a  personal relationship with God. Sharing gifts once given to me with others gives me joy. How cool is that? Jesus!

  “Fishing is just plain fun. Fishing with kids, more fun.”
   – Ralph Watkins, Volunteer Mentor Extraordinaire

I meet kids who have never had the experience of holding a wiggling pole with a mysterious creature on the line. What will they discover when the surface of the water breaks? My role as a volunteer is to help them learn how to fish. The joy a child experiences when catching a fish is contagious and keeps me coming back to serve in this ministry.

115px_Fishing_Guides_Pg_Michael_Provins.jpg  "GOT FISH? Fishing is my sanctuary. Teaching kids how to fish is a blessing."
– Michael Provins, Volunteer 

Teaching kids how to fish and seeing the expressions on the kids faces, when first time catching a fish, is PRICELESS. We don't just teach fishing. The ministry teaches the word of God. That's why I'm blessed and honored to be part of the fishing ministry.

Fish on! I got to go... God bless young fishermen and young fishing ladies.