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22:6 Youth Fishing


Ministry Leadership

   “I love fishing. I love it even more when kids catch fish.” 
   – Barry Whitfield, Volunteer Leader

Teaching kids to take part in an adventure rather than downloading one. Helping them discover a passion they never knew they had. Guiding their curiosities towards setting goals and accomplishing them. Exposing young hearts and minds to a  personal relationship with God. Sharing gifts once given to me with others gives me joy. How cool is that? Jesus!

     “This Fishing Ministry is my sincere effort to give back as a Christian Volunteer.”
   – Randy Riecken, Volunteer Co-Leader

Over the past years I have volunteered with many different groups coming away without a truly fulfilled heart. A heart not completely satisfied knowing I could do more and be more effective with a positive outcome for others. Offering San Diego shoreline location(s) on the water and my knowledge and skills of fishing I believe this Ministry is limitless in it’s growth and ability to share the Word with beneficial outcome to others.

   “Fishing is just plain fun. Fishing with kids, more fun.”
   – Ralph Watkins, Volunteer Mentor Extraordinaire

I meet kids who have never had the experience of holding a wiggling pole with a mysterious creature on the line. What will they discover when the surface of the water breaks? My role as a volunteer is to help them learn how to fish. The joy a child experiences when catching a fish is contagious and keeps me coming back to serve in this ministry.

   "Love to give back a gift I have received, and receive back a smile from a child! :)"
– John Coxe Jr., Volunteer 

115px_Fishing_Guides_Pg_Michael_Provins.jpg    "GOT FISH? Fishing is my sanctuary. Teaching kids how to fish is a blessing."
– Michael Provins, Volunteer 

Teaching kids how to fish and seeing the expressions on the kids faces, when first time catching a fish, is PRICELESS. We don't just teach fishing. The ministry teaches the word of God. That's why I'm blessed and honored to be part of the fishing ministry.

Fish on! I got to go... God bless young fishermen and young fishing ladies.


March 19, 2017  1:00 PM