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22:6 Youth Fishing


Fishing Fun & Bible Lessons!

A quaint shoreline fishing oasis nestled against shimmering blue ocean waters awaits you.  A safe and secure promise land of cool breezes, and warm hospitality from Uncles and Aunties, Tios y Tias, whom you never knew you had are waiting to greet you with open arms and big hearts. They may even have a hook-up! A fish on! ready for you to reel in, as rods, tackle and bait are set up and ready to go when you arrive. And if you don’t know how to fish, that’s okay, they’ll school you and get those skills tightened up real quick.

You may of had a bit of a journey to get to the site, or perhaps you sweated away a bunch of electrolytes running up and down the beach tending to jiggling fishing poles—no worries, rejuvenating ice cold drinks and light tasty treats will replenish and restore you back to fish catching shape. And for those comical America’s Funniest Video snafus that come with the territory, we have first-aid too. Just remember to share the wealth when you win the $100,000 Grand Prize. Right?!

We’ll breakaway from fishing fun and come together to worship as a family in Christ Jesus—praising and honoring God by sharing our hearts with each other, reading & teaching the scriptures and giving God all the Glory with our prayers. Then we’ll make a mad dash to the rods and check for fish on! as we continue worshiping, mentoring and loving on one another through out the rest of the event.

Fishing tip #7:
Remembering why they call it fishing instead of catching will assure you of a good time.

Want to learn more tips? Come hang out with us.