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Women of the Rock

PL-Sisters In Christ Spring Evening Bible Study


Sisters In Christ - A special time for women of the Rock to worship, pray, study the Word of God, share testimonies and enjoy fellowship in a small group setting in order to gain spiritual and practical guidance for everyday living.  We meet every Wednesday at the Pt. Loma Campus, from March 9th through April 27th ending with a potluck on May 4th in room 232 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.  Please note that the building is air conditioned so you may want to bring a sweater or jacket.  Feel free to bring a friend.

Sisters in Christ is SEEKING a female WORSHIP LEADER for the Spring 2016 Session!!! 

Ideally someone that plays an instrument and has led worshipbefore in some capacity. If interested, please email or call Rachel at:

[email protected]


We will be offering limited childcare for children 6 months up to age 12 but you will need to register online beforehand. This is mandatory. We need to know how many children will be coming so we have enough workers. For questions regarding KidsCare, please contact Ashley Howell at: [email protected].  Rock Kids Care is now hiring child care workers.  This is a great opportunity to bring a more consistent balance of support to Rock Kids Care as we move forward to build and grow.  Our goal is to never turn a child away.

This session Karen will be teaching on: Women of Influence

We all have theopportunity to influence many people in our lifetime whether we are married,single, a mom, an aunt, a sister, a cousin or a friend.  Come and join usas we study and learn from several women in the Bible who were influential as adaughter, sister, wife, mother, daughter-in-law and grandmother.  We willbe challenged to be intentional in all of our relationships to have aninfluence and an impact for the Lord.  Our goal for this study is to beable to say like Paul says in our Key Verse for this study:  Philippians4:9 “Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, orseen in me – put it into practice.

Come and join us as we learn about the history of revivalsand as we study the Bible to learn the steps to experiencing a personal andcorporate revival in our day.

Sisters In Christ includes worship, bible studies, testimonies or ministry speakers, classes (both spiritual and practical) and fellowship every week.


Step Family Class led by Jeanne Cesena

The Step Family Class will offer opportunities for dating, engaged & married women to see how they have been PREPARED by God, for the PURPOSE of building a Step Family, through the PAIN suffered in a broken family that can be restored through the POWER of the Holy Spirit and through God's Word, to bring PASSION through marriages and family relationships. This class will facilitate the building of women that have a heart to learn how God works in a Step Family.  The class will encourage personal growth, healing, sharing of experiences, and learning to be a caring, loving Step Family.

We will be going through Debbie Alsdorf's book-Beyond the Brady Bunch. Book may be purchased at the first night of Sisters for $11.

Moses - Shocked in the Desert, Learning God's Ways So We Can Enter the Promised Land led by Alane Haynes

Moses - Shocked in the Desert uses Biblical examples ofhow God often “shocks” us to get us in line with His purposes. The revelationsfrom God’s word in this book may cause you to have a greater awareness of God’sways in your life. Do you desire to move through trials more quickly? Do youwish for a closer walk with God, seeing more accurately and hearing moreclearly what He is trying to show you or tell you? Do you wonder why thesame struggles reoccur, the same situations repeat?
Moses – Shocked in the Desert will provide tools to help you in these areas, with provoking thoughtsthat will shift your perspective and open up avenues for growth that you may not have seen before.

You will need a book for this class which you may purchase at class from Alane for $15.


Passage Through Grief led by Janet Muniz

A passage through grief offers healing opportunities for various forms of loss, whether it's death, divorce, break-up, abortion, etc., through journaling.

 You will need a book for this class which you may purchase at class from Janet for $10.

 Healing in Stretching led by Deane Vallejo

God designed and created us to be completely and totally free.  Our body is such a precious temple and even though maybe in our minds we have let something go, our bodies can still carry and hold onto the tension and trauma from our past, whether it's deep wounds or just stress from our week.  Each class will give you an opportunity to identify, let go and find new freedom.  I will be leading an alternative to yoga called Healing in Stretching, which is a gentle and restorative stretch class designed to bring physical, emotional, and spiritual freedom by the power of the Holy Spirit and will also be accompanied with scripture, prayer and worship.  We will be going over the book of Nehemiah and learning the joy of reaping God's blessing and the beauty in walking in His freedom.

Please bring your bible, pen, journal and a stretching mat and wear comfortable clothes.  If you don't have a mat, a towel will work.

Moving Out of Frea....Tapping Into Purpose led by Estreanda Yates

Have you struggled with fear? Do you desire to live a life of purpose and meaning? If so, this class is designed for you. I’ve always heard from the pulpit profound messages about what kind of life I should live and the life God has for me. From the pulpit, I’ve heard many truths --truths that have changed my life. But sometimes I have walked away from many great messages and teachings, trying to figure out, “How does that look in my life? What do I do next?” So in this class we will not just learn about fear and walking in our purpose but we will attain practical tools and engage in meaningful dialogue so that we walk away feeling empowered. Our Purpose comes from God, we don’t create our purpose we tap into our purpose. God’s word is very practical and insightful, so let’s learn how we tap into our purpose and walk away from our fears together.

Managing Your Moods led by Vondell Cook

Foreword by: Mary Graham – Women of Faith Study Guide Series

Sometimes, our moods can get the best of us. They can even stand in the way of healthy communication with others.  We all could us encouragement in managing our tempers, as well as facing jealousy, loneliness, worry and feelings of being overwhelmed.  In this study, we’ll tackle a variety of moods and emotions we deal with every day.


“God has created us as emotional beings, capable of a wide range of feelings.

Obviously, His desire is that those feelings do not control us.”

Mary Graham 

Why does your heart carry you away (why allow yourself to be controlled by feeling)? And why do your eyes flash (in anger or contempt) Job 15:12 (amp).

This class requires a book and the cost is approximately $10-12 which can be purchased in Rockpile.

PURE GIRLS ROCK led by Carrie Ottalagano

Every week we will discuss how purity goes beyond sexuality, it's not just the physical act, it's about the condition of our heart.  Purity is a spiritual, emotional, mental & physical battle.  During this class you will be challenged to live for God in all areas of your life.  This class isn't just for single's for all women!

  In order to truly live for God, you need to have a place where you can unload your guilt and shame.  God loves us so much!  When we begin to grasp the depth of His love, temporary pleasures of this world are no longer appealing.  At tthis time this class is closed.

The book we are using is 'Sex and the Single Christian Girl' by Marion Jordan Ellis.

The Power of a Woman's Words led by Helene Golston    

Words are one of the most significant forces in the universe. Your words ca bringlife or death. As a woman, you can explore the power you possess, the peopleyou impact, the potential for change and the profound possibilities as youharness this mighty force and use it to speak life to those around you.

The book we will use for this class is The Power of a Woman's Words by Sharon Jaynes.

Discussion of Karen Steven's weekly bible study led by Mable Piris

I will be leading a discussion group that will go deeper into our Winter study led by Karen Stevens.  This will be a time of fellowship, companionship, and loving support as we share with each other what God is blossoming in each of our lives.  It will be an open discussion time where we can share our thoughts, our questions, and our observations with each other and support one another as we learn and continue to nourish what God is planting within us at this time.  We will

use open discussion questions that relate to that week's particular lesson plan in Karen Steven's study "Revival", and enhance the time with supporting material such as discussing current events from a Christian perspective, watch short videos that add to the discussion as well as entertain and motivate us, and reflect on various women of the Bible whose stories reflect the same struggles, as well as adventures, we each go through in today's world.  We are all Sisters in Christ, and I look forward to welcoming you and learning with you in this time that God has prepared for us.    " . . . And who knows but that you have  come to your royal position for such a time as this?"  Ester 4:14

If you would like to donate to the Women of the Rock ministry, click here.

For more information regarding women's ministries, please contact Karen or Teresa:

Karen Stevens: [email protected]

Teresa Holderby: [email protected]

We look forward to being with you soon!


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