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SD 6: Declutter Your Home By Upcycling
Mar 27, 2014: SD 6 shares several ways you can spruce up your household this Spring, using items from Rock Thrift store to create crafty DIY decorations for your home.
SD 6: Inspired by Spring: Easy DIY Projects
Mar 19, 2014: SD Living showcases Rock Thrift as a budget friendly place to shop for spring DIY projects, including several project ideas to get you started.
KUSI: Rock Thrift Store in Point Loma: Spring Cleaning
Mar 17, 2014: KUSI praises Rock Thrift in a spring cleaning segment, featuring Spring cleaning tips for those looking to start fresh this season.
KUSI: Rock Thrift Store Spring Cleaning
Mar 17, 2014: KUSI showcases Rock Thrift Store items and ways to update your home this spring.
KUSI: Spring Cleaning with Rock Thrift Store
Mar 17, 2014: KUSI features Rock Thrift Store as a budget-friendly option for those looking to update their wardrobes this season.
Christian Post: 12 Spies in the Promised Land and Lessons on Faith
Mar 13, 2014: Pastor Miles McPherson discusses our calling to have faith and trust that God will bless us no matter what our circumstances are.
New Release Tuesday: Son of God Opening Night Amazes Hollywood
Mar 1, 2014: New Release Tuesday highlights ‘Son of God’ as the movie’s opening night grosses $9.5 million at the box office, featuring Pastor Miles McPherson explaining the importance of Rock Church’s theater takeover.
Christian Post: Will ‘Son of God’ Dethrone ‘Passion of the Christ’ as Top-Grossing Christian Film of All Time?
Feb 27, 2014: Christian Post reports on the upcoming premiere of ‘Son of God’ as Christian leaders, including Pastor Miles McPherson, and churches and rally to support the film.
CBS 8: Theater Takeover for ‘Son of God’ Movie
Feb 27, 2014: CBS presents Rock Church’s ‘Son of God’ theater takeover, bringing church to others through new avenues.
FOX 5: Movie Theater Takeover
Feb 27, 2014: FOX 5 reports Rock Church’s involvement in the nationwide ‘Son of God’ theater takeover, playing the movie on every screen at a local AMC.
SD 6: ‘Son of God’ Theater Takeover
Feb 26, 2014: SD Living highlights Rock Church during the ‘Son of God’ movie’s national theater takeover.
KUSI: ONCE Gown Event, featuring Rock Thrift store gowns
Feb 23, 2014: KUSI showcases ONCE Gown Event as a budget friendly option for brides to buy or sell once-loved gowns, featuring Rock Thrift store gowns.
KUSI: ONCE Gown Event, featuring Rock Church and Rock Thrift store gowns
Feb 23, 2014: KUSI shares how brides can get involved with ONCE Gown Event by either buying or donating a once-loved gown, featuring Rock Thrift store gowns and Rock Church service times.
SD 6: ONCE Gown Event, featuring Rock Thrift store
Feb 21, 2014: SD 6 showcases Rock Thrift store gowns in a segment on ONCE Gown Event, offering brides the opportunity to buy, sell, or donate their dresses.
SD 6: ONCE Gown Event, featuring Rock Thrift Store gowns
Feb 21, 2014: SD 6 features ONCE Gown Event as it offers brides a place to buy, sell or donate once-loved bridal gowns, highlighting Rock Thrift Store, Sweet Blossom Design, and Heavenly Cupcakes.
SD 6: ONCE: A Wedding Gown Event
Feb 21, 2014: SD 6 reports on the upcoming ONCE Gown Event, encouraging brides to buy or donate their dresses with proceeds benefiting Generate Hope, featuring Rock Thrift Store gowns.
The Hollywood Reporter: ‘Son of God’: Churches, Religious Groups Snap Up Almost 500,000 Tickets in Weeks Before Chris Film Debut
Feb 20, 2014: The Hollywood Reporter profiles “Son of God” as many churches and religious groups, including Rock Church, claim tickets for theater takeovers prior to the film’s debut.
FOX: ONCE Gown Event, featuring Rock Thrift gowns
Feb 20, 2014: FOX presents ONCE Gown Event, featuring Rock Thrift store gowns, as an affordable option for future and past brides to buy, donate, or sell their dresses.
SD 6: Together Like PB&J
Feb 17, 2014: San Diego Living features Rock Church’s upcoming PB&J Relationship Conference, interviewing Marriage and Family Pastor Darren Carrington on the importance of strengthening your relationships.
The Sacramento Bee: Church Leaders Launch National “Theater Take-Over” Campaign for Son of God Movie
Feb 13, 2014: The Sacramento Bee profiles Pastor Miles McPherson as one of the pastors promoting Son of God during the “Theater Take-Over” campaign.
San Diego Community News Group: Pro athletes share how to live like champions at Rock Church SuperFest 2014
Feb 12, 2014: San Diego Community News Group recaps Rock Church’s SuperFest 2014, highlighting the sports clinics and the stories from professional athletes.
Rock Cancer C.A.R.E.
Feb 4, 2014: San Diego Living highlights Rock Cancer C.A.R.E and how they provide services and support for individuals and families battling cancer.
SD 6: Wedding Gown Event and Rock Thrift Store
Jan 24, 2014: San Diego Living presents Rock Thrift and the Once Bridal event, giving future brides options for budget-friendly gowns while also benefiting Generate Hope through donations from the event.
U-T TV: Superfest w/ Marcus Preciado (two-minute highlight)
Jan 22, 2014: U-T TV interviews Marcus Preciado on Superfest in an hour long segment in which they discuss the event and the purpose behind it.
U-T TV: Hidden Treasures Foundation
Jan 20, 2014: U-T TV profiles Hidden Treasures Foundation in an interview with Tiffany Mester, a leader of the ministry, where she shares her heart behind the ministry and their mission to help deliver victims from human trafficking.
The Doctors: Spiritual Healing set-up
Jan 19, 2014: The Doctors profile 18-year-old Dalaina and her mom Jennifer as she opens up about her daily struggles as a teen mom prior to her discussion with Pastor Miles McPherson.
The Doctors: Tips for Healing Your Spirit
Jan 19, 2014: The Doctors feature Pastor Miles McPherson giving biblical counsel to 18-year-old Dalaina and her mom Jennifer.
The Doctors: Healing Power of Faith
Jan 19, 2014: The Doctors showcase Pastor Miles McPherson sharing his testimony and how his faith in Christ transformed his life.
The Doctors: Advice for Troubled Times
Jan 19, 2014: The Doctors present Pastor Miles McPherson discussing the importance of trusting God even during difficult times.
The Doctors: Miles-A-Minute Daily Devotional
Jan 19, 2014: The Doctors share Pastor Miles McPherson’s Miles-A-Minute app featuring daily minute-long devotionals.
SD 6: Pro Athletes at Superfest 2014
Jan 15, 2014: San Diego Living interviews Rock Academy Athletic Director Scotty James and several pro athletes about God’s role in their lives both on and off the field and the importance of spreading that message to kids through events like Superfest.
KUSI: SuperFest w/ Scotty James and Rock Academy kids
Jan 14, 2014: KUSI interviews Rock Academy Athletic Director Scotty James about developing champions both on and off the field through events like SuperFest, featuring Rock Academy students.
KUSI: SuperFest w/ Rick Takahashi
Jan 14, 2014: KUSI presents SuperFest with Professional Surfer and Coach Rick Takahashi who has been involved with the event for 3 years.
KUSI: Young Athletes to Interact with Pro Athletes at SuperFest
Jan 14, 2014: KUSI showcases Rock Academy Athletic Director Scotty James while Rock Academy students participate in volleyball clinics with former U.S. Volleyball Olympian and SDSU Volleyball Coach Deitre Collins in preparation for SuperFest.
KUSI: SuperFest w/ Scotty James and Rick Takahashi
Jan 14, 2014: KUSI shares the upcoming SuperFest 2014 with Rock Academy Athletic Director Scotty James as Rock Academy students learn surfing basics from Professional Surfer and Coach Rick Takahashi.
KUSI: SuperFest, featuring Rockpile and Miles-A-Minute
Jan 14, 2014: KUSI highlights Rockpile bookstore as a good resource for learning to live like a champion off the field in light of the upcoming SuperFest event and features the Miles-A-Minute app.
U-T San Diego: Human trafficking survivor helps others
Jan 9, 2014: U-T San Diego showcases Tiffany Mester, leader of Hidden Treasures, and the purpose behind the ministry as it seeks to help deliver victims from the sex trafficking industry.
U-T TV: Bringing Awareness to Sex-Trafficking
Jan 8, 2014: U-T TV features Tiffany Mester from Rock Church’s Hidden Treasures Foundation as she discusses the purpose of the ministry and how individuals can help create change within the human trafficking community.
SD 6: Combining faith and fitness for the new year
Jan 3, 2014: SD Living showcases Rock Church’s Hiking and Nutrition Ministry as they share how individuals can get active and build community.