Joint Ride with Eastlake Church Intermediate/Advanced

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Joint Ride with Eastlake Church - Intermediate/Advanced Ride
Meet at 7:45am, shuttle leaves at 8:00.
(This is a 14 mile ride that will take about 2 1/2 hours thus the early start time)

Bring lots of water and some energy food, you will need it
We will meet at the Steele Canyon Golf Course, 3199 Stonefield Drive, Jamul, CA.
94 East - Continue onto Jamacha Road
Right onto Willow Glen Dr
Right onto Steele Canyon Rd
Left onto Jamul Dr
Left onto Fowler Canyon Rd
Continue onto Sonefield Dr and look for mountan bikers near the clubhouse.
If your 1/8th mountain goat and 7/8th's mountain biker, this is a ride you'll truly enjoy.  Remember...... whether your riding or walking DOESN'T matter....exercise is exercise!
Here's the trail:

The initial ascent up the mountain can only be fully ridden by the most advanced riders due to the 13% grade and the technical aspects, such as tight switchbacks, ruts, rocks etc.  Intermediate riders will end up hoofing it for about a quarter of the first mile in various sections. 
At the end of  the initial climb, we'll come to a 'T' and take a right to check out an interesting cave / mine vent that's DEFINITELY worth seeing.  Enter it at you own risk!!!  From there, we backtrack and continue past where we just ascended.   The trail grade tapers off to a mild climb between mile 3 and 4 and then we hit another  13+% ride / walk section that gets you to the peak of McGinty Mountain, some 1700 vertical feet up from the trail head.
The ride down is a combination of trail and fire road, some in great condition, other kind of dicey but definitely all ridable.  As we descend, we eventually head west toward an old abandoned house affectionately named "The Brothel".  After that point, we'll go a short distance west and hook up onto one of the most enjoyable 3 mile downhill single tracks in San Diego (in my and many others 'humble opinions'). 
The single track eventually dumps us out LITERALLY on one of the fairways of Steele Canyon Golf Course.  A quick look for golfers / flying golf balls and if all clear, we BLAST across the fairway and continue onto an ultra-fast series of downhill, paved golf cart paths.  These eventually bring us to a dirt rode and a rural farmhouse with donkeys, horses, sheep, and other country critters.
A short ride gets us back to the Steele Canyon golf course where you can pick up your shuttle.
What to bring:
1. Helmet, of course. No helmet, No ride (we just love that head of yours!!!)
2. Snack
3. Water
4. TUBES!!!!  At least two.  This trails has MANY goat heads and every time a tire gets flat (usually many times).
5. Prayer

Saturday · March 24, 2012
7:30 - 11:30 AM
Steele Canyon Golf Course
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