Every Man's Battle study

Tuesday, September 11, 2012



American men are in a tough position. They live in a culture awash with sensual images available twenty-four hours a day through a variety of media. It is virtually impossible to avoid such temptations…but, thankfully, not impossible to rise above them.

That process starts when men realize two things: First, they aren't alone. In fact, sixty-five percent of men at Promise Keepers indicated they have a problem with pornography. Second, there is help. Real, honest, life-changing help.

Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoker effectively shatter the perception that men are unable to control their roving eyes or put a brake on their thought lives. Every Man's Battle shares the stories of dozens who have escaped the trap of immorality, and offers a practical, detailed plan for any man who wants to re-align his eyes, mind, and heart with the God-given standard. It's mandatory reading for men who have fallen in the past, and who want to overcome temptation now and in the future.
Tuesday · September 11, 2012
7 - 9 PM
If you have questions, please contact Andrew Pistone at [email protected].
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