Book Study - Sorrento Valley

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


BOOK STUDY Join us for Moms' Ministry book study, Mom PhD" by Teresa Bell Kindred. "Earn Your PhD in 6 Simple Sessions and Become a Positive Home Director. Instead of simply reacting to life's circumstances, you can become a proactive leader. Learn about: creating a vision, inspiring Faith, asking for help, being consistent, setting clear boundaries, and catching your child being good and more. Equip yourself to be the Positive Home Director God intended. Now available at the Rockpile bookstore for a discounted price of only $10!!!. PLEASE never decide to miss a study or not attend because you were not able to read or buy the book. God will bless our time and fellowship anyway! Facilitator contact information: Yvette Hopping, 858-831-7894 Host contact information: Sacha Rosburg, 858-695-2569
Tuesday · November 29, 2005
10 - 11:30 AM

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