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Military Sunday Freedom Campaign

Sunday, May 26, 2013



God has called and equipped the church to be the original freedom fighters with Jesus as our model. It is our charge to feed the hungry, care for the sick, rescue the captured and comfort the grieving. To honor our brothers and sisters that have served and are currently serving around the world in the military, we want to celebrate, motivate and build awareness of every need.

From today until May 13, celebrate our 10 Days of Freedom by serving those in and around your community and finding those in need to bring them freedom in love. Document either in video or photo a service you did that promoted the freedom of God’s people (it doesn’t need to be military related). We tell the stories not for our glory, but for God’s glory.

We will present your stories in montage form during the Military Sunday services at the Rock Church May 26.

• Videos should be a maximum of one minute long
• Videos should be filmed horizontally, not vertically
• If submitting photos, include a 100-250 word description of what was accomplished
• Submit 3-5 photos as needed to tell the whole story
• All photos and videos should be submitted by 10AM on May 13
• Email all photos, videos or questions to [email protected]
• Want to share your photos and videos before the montage is unveiled May 26? Post them on your social media outlets using #MilitarySunday

Please Note: All submitted videos will be used at the discretion of the Rock Church.

If the military should feel so loved and thanked by one group, it should be the family that is God’s church.

Sunday · May 26, 2013
8 AM - 9 PM
If you have questions, please contact Jemalyn Chavez at [email protected].

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