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The Vanity Presents The Fighter | High School Girls

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


The Vanity Presents The Fighter. Each night we will have a speaker, an interactive element, and discussion time (for all senses). We get so excited about how these ladies get challenged, loved on and reinvented. In a world where where everything and every one is telling them to look out for themselves we have become mini self promoters livin in a me obsessed world. This series will challenge them to find their true identity, discover godly relationships, get equipped to fight the battle and find family.
September 4th - October 23rd // 6:30pm // Rock church second floor// room 235
The Vanity Presents The Fighter.Series also available at The Rock North County
Location: 1740 La Costa Meadows Dr. Suite 200 San Marcos, CA 92078 (Main Sanctuary)
Dates and times are the same as Point Loma: 8 week series, every Wednesday starting Sept 4th @6:30pm  
Contact for North County Vanity Series:
Jessica Vito Cruz: [email protected]

Wednesday · October 16, 2013
$20.00 (one time charge)
If you have questions, please contact Fallon Palacios at [email protected].

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