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Our goal at Family Fellowship is to comfort and encourage families or individuals affected by incarceration. Our group is made up of men and women who have been incarcerated or have a loved one who is currently locked up. 

We meet in the community room which is a relaxed atmosphere where people can come together in the spirit of acceptance without judgment; where no one is shameful or embarrassed of their circumstances, but surrounded by others experiencing the same feelings and emotions.

We will not expect ANY person involved to share specifics regarding their situation but to feel comfortable enough to embark on creating deeper connections with one another to produce a strong foundation of trust.  

Not only will we be able to provide encouragement to the group but many other resources they may need.

Come and see for yourself why Family Fellowship is so important to a lot of people 

See you this Thursday at 6:30pm in the community room.  We always have a potluck style dinner. Feel free to bring something to share, but please do not feel obligated. 
Thursday · August 21, 2014
6:30 - 8 PM

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