Rock softball Sign-ups

Monday, January 30, 2006 —
Sunday, February 26, 2006


THE ROCK SPORTS MINISTRY: SOFTBALL SIGN-UPS A GREAT WAY TO MEET NEW PEOPLE, INTERACT WITH FRIENDS, WORKOUT, AND SHARE THE GOSPEL. WHO: Anyone who is 18 or older. There are co-ed and mens leagues. You can sign-up with friends or individually. You can invite non-Rock friends too. WHAT: A Christian Slow Pitch Softball League (including other churches, not just The Rock) WHERE: Saturday games @ Valencia Park Elementary (805 S, Exit Imperial & go east to Valencia Parkway; make a right on Valencia Pkwy. Fields are at the top of the hill.) WHEN: 12 Games will be played on Saturdays starting the second weekend in March Mens Leagues: played on Saturdays Co-ed League: played on Saturdays WHY: A great way to meet new people, interact with friends, workout, and share the gospel! COST: $60 per player. Turn in your registration form and pay at the Rock Bookstore between February 19th and February 26th. Make checks payable to The Rock Church. Contact: Greg or Tiffany Giles. 619-749-9338 [email protected] Please pay and register by February 26th at the Rock Bookstore. Rock Softball Registration NAME: _________________________________________ AGE: _______________________________________ EMAIL: ________________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________________ PAST EXPERIENCE:_________________________________ POSITION:___________________________________ WHICH LEAGUE WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY IN (circle one)? COED MENS WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE YOUR TEAMS LEADER AS WELL AS PLAY? ______________________________ ARE YOU IN A SMALL GROUP? Y N HAVE YOU COMPLETED THE ROCK UNIVERSITY 200 COURSE? Y N LIST THE NAMES OF OTHER PLAYERS HERE TO BE ON THE SAME TEAM: ____________________________________________________________________________________ METHOD OF PAYMENT: CASH CHECK CREDIT CARD MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO THE ROCK CHURCH
Monday · January 30, 2006 — Sunday · February 26, 2006
If you have questions, please contact Greg Giles at [email protected].

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