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AMPD Camp 2014 Parent Orientation - FAQ- Inside Look

Parent Orientation

July 20th 1:30pm

July 23rd 7pm


Meet n Greet

Read this packet while you wait

Camp recap video


Q & A



Follow up Q & A


*We suggest that this be a parent only orientation. Children are able to play in the Rock Park under supervision of our youth staff. We may be covering sensitive topics.





What food and lodging will be provided for my student?

·       3 meals a day. The camp store has food and snacks available for purchase during afternoon free time hours 3-5pm. You may also send snacks: I suggest non-messy snacks, no gum.  

·       Special diets: Please list on registration so that we can provide alternative meals.

·       Lodging: Boys sleep in Tepees or Wagons, Girls sleep in Cabins: (200 yards away)

·       Individual showers and restrooms are located near boys/girls areas.  Restrooms are gender specific in those areas.  Showering will be during free time (4-5pm).  Restroom when needed.

·       Cabins provide a mattress only. Please bring pillow and blanket/sleeping bag.

·       Rooming with best friends or siblings:  We place students in cabins 6th &7th mixed and 8th separate.  A line on the registration for is designated to list friends. Please do not call in or email suggestions. We do not have the admin power to accommodate these requests.

Will there be adult supervision and security?

·       Rock Youth volunteers and a few Indian Hills Camp staff. The Rock provides a camp nurse, worship bands, A.V team and a few High school interns. We are always looking for camp nurse support and help.

·       The Rock Junior High is the only group allowed on site. The camp is closed to all visitors.

·       The Rock has security patrolling the campus at all times. All visitors must check in at the office including parents. No one is allowed to visit campers unless they check in and are approved. Please abide by Indian hills camp and the Rock Church guidelines.  

·       The Rock Church and IHC is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please label cloths, sleeping bags, cameras, etc. Students are responsible to carry and keep their own money.


How do I contact my child?

·       Some parents will want to contact their child at camp. You may write your child a letter and send it to Indian Hills Camp: attention to your Child’s name.

·       Students are not allowed to use their cell phones or the camp pay phone to call home.

·       In case of EMERGENCY, We will call the number listed on the registration.

What does the Bible teaching look like?

·       AMPD= A-awareness, M-mission, P-Purpose, and D-Do Something.  

·       Students will learn through: skits, group exercises, individual devotion time, quiet time, group discussions, teachings from Rock Pastors and youth leaders, worship, and prayer.

·       We will teach on Salvation and Baptism. Students will have an opportunity to make a public statement of their faith through Baptism at Camp on Thursday morning 10-11pm. We will take pictures and post them on our Facebook.


What happens in the case of Injuries and medical incidents?

·       Safety first is our plan when organizing games, competitions and activities.  

·       Some activities are physically demanding but students do not have to participate in these activities.  Activities that typically result in injuries include the BMX bike track and  injuries to the feet especially if students take their shoes off. We advise shoes worn at all times.

·       Our Camp Nurse will be on site to administer daily dosage medications. Students are gathered during meal times or before bed time by the camp nurse.

·       If a student needs to be taken to a Hospital, the nearest Hospital is Grossmont off the 8.

What will the Student’s daily schedule look like?


July 27th (Sunday) Awareness

4:00    Students check in at Indian Hills camp.  

6pm   Dinner 

7:30    General Session

10:00  Cabin groups

11:00 Lights out


July 28th (Monday) Mission  

7:45        Early Devotions

8:30        Breakfast

9:30        Worship

10:30     Cabin discussions.

12:30     Lunch

1:30        Team Rec

2:30        Free time activities (parent supervision)

5:30        Dinner

7:00        Group Session. “Butterfly Circus” Split boys and girls.

10:00     Cabin talk


July 29th (Tuesday) Purpose

7:45     Early Devo

8:30     Breakfast

9:30     Worship

10:30   Cabin time/ Team building                                      

12:30   Lunch

1:30     Super Team Comps

2:30     Free time activities (parent supervision)

5:30     Dinner

6:30     Group Session/ Worship/ Salvation message

8:30     Cabin time


July 30th (Wednesday) Do Something

7:45        Early Devo

8:30        Breakfast

9:30        Oak Rock: Group session: Leader Story Boards

10:30     Cabin Time: Student Stories

12:30     Lunch

1:00        Team Rec

5:30        Dinner

7:00        Oak Rock: Group Session.

10:45     Lights out


July 31st (Thursday)

7:45        Early Devo

8:30        Breakfast

9:30        Group Session

10:00A                    Baptism

11:30     Camp clean up

12:30P   Lunch

2:00        PICK UP.

3:00        Check out. We need to be off site.

What should students pack?

·       Please see packing list on the last page of the registration or check on line for complete list.

·       Place Sleeping bag and Pillow in a clear garbage bag and label with tape. 

·       Pack light and in a crushable duffel bag.

·       Label clothing and supplies for a better chance of bringing it back. No lost and found.

·       Bring a plastic bag for dirty and smelly clothes.

·       Bring comfortable shoes. Barefoot is not allowed, unless your in the pool.

·       Bring water Bottle (with name on it).

·       Bring chap stick, sun block, and deodorant.

What if my student is Special Needs?

·       Safety is our greatest concern. If your child has special needs or requires a little TLC, please let our staff know so we can inform their cabin leader.

What will discipline and care look like?

·       We look for opportunities to discipline with Grace and Truth. Meaning, we take each situation into consideration of what’s going on with the Heart of the student and look to guide each person towards peace, forgiveness, conflict resolution and spiritual growth.

·       A Student may be asked to be picked by a parent if we determine that the safety of other students is a risk or a student has decided they are not willing to submit to the leadership of the Camp and or abide by our camp rules: “Be where they are suppose to be at all times”. We find this rule positively everything.   

·       God disciplines those He loves and so do we.  Let us know if your child might need a little more love, grace and attention. We want you to pick up your child Thursday at 2pm!

Will there be free time activities?

·       Free time occurs every afternoon for students to just hang out, talk with friends, try something new or relax in the shade.

·       AMPD offers the following free time activities: bmx bike track, skate area, disc golf, two swimming pools, huge jungle gym, zip lines, obstacle course, archery, live animal petting zoo, basketball and talking.

How can I pray for students at camp?

·       For students to get saved and start their relationship with Christ at camp.

·       For breakthroughs in student lives. We will be addressing sin and strongholds that students are struggling with. There is a spiritual battle for these youth and it’s on all week.

·       For finances. Many families are not able to pay for camp and are waiting on donations to help pay for camp. Total cost to execute camp is about $30,000.

·       For Leaders to be able to survive a week with students with love, patience, grace and wisdom. Shepherding students at camp is extremely exhausting. They need prayers.

·       For the Holy Spirit to fall upon every camper this weekend. 

·       For students to get follow up and to return and thrive in the Rock Youth ministry this fall.


Can I bring or donate anything?

·       We need parents to come up and supervise during free time. Our camp is low cost because it’s volunteer based. AMPD CAMP runs by volunteers. Please volunteer to keep it going.

·       You’ll need to give us your name, check in at the Indian hills office and one of our staff will send you to a spot to watch students between 2:30-5:30pm Monday, Tuesday and or Wednesday.

·       You can donate at

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Sunday · July 20, 2014