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Note: This is an old event.


Presented by the Prison Ministry
Kairos, drop off Cookies, Letters, Placemats, Posters 

Kairos Inside weekend is an introductory 3-day weekend, described as a short course in Christianity.  This weekend program is modeled after the Cursillo method and is based on a series of talks by laymen and clergy.  Interspersed throughout the weekend is music, prayer, activities, a chance to form relationships and demonstrate Christ’s love.  Kairos of San Diego currently supports programs in two yards:  Yard A (level 3) and Yard C (level 4).  All attendees for the Kairos Inside weekends are nominated by previous graduates of the Kairos Program.  Normally there are over 100 nominations for the 36 available open spots for the weekend in each Yard.  The Kairos Inside Leadership team, with input from the Yard Pastor, will decide which 36 inmates plus several alternates will be chosen to attend.   Because of the success of the Kairos Inside program, there is never a shortage of people that desire to attend. 

Kairos of San Diego organizes and oversees the following events at RJDCF:

  • Conducts two Kairos Inside weekends in Yard A and Yard C, twice a year, within RJDCF (total of 4 Kairos weekends).

  • Holds monthly Kairos Inside reunions in both yards to instill community and encourage small groupings.

  • Plans twice yearly two-day retreats for the inmates (Kairos Inside Graduates and volunteers).  These retreats are used to reinforce the Kairos weekend message.

  • Joint sponsors special holiday events or activities at RJDCF for inmates and volunteers.

  • Conducts special in-prison food sales to raise money for the Kairos community and prison chapel programs.

  • Works closely with the Pastors-to-Prisons Program.

The current prison population, in addition to Christians, is composed of Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Atheist, Wiccan, Satanists, Odinist, and other beliefs.  Kairos brings an inter-denominational team of Christian volunteers, both clergy and laypersons, into the prison environment to establish relationships with the inmates.  By bringing the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ into prison, Kairos provides an effective program to positively change inmate attitudes, behaviors and lives.  In addition to Kairos Inside weekends, Kairos volunteers make a commitment to continue with monthly visits for Kairos Reunions for at least one year.  These Kairos Reunions are a way to instill community, show continued support by volunteers and encourage inmates in their weekly small “Prayer and Share” group meetings.

Kairos Outside of San Diego provides support to the adult female loved ones of the incarcerated though the Kairos Outside program.  To learn more about Kairos Outside of San Diego, click here.  Kairos Outside of San Diego does the following:

  • Twice yearly Weekend retreats for the women of loved ones affected by incarceration.

  • Twice yearly reunions open to all Kairos Outside graduates and volunteers and their families.

  • Ongoing support for Kairos Outside graduates through retreats and special events.


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Event Details

Sunday · October 19, 2014
8 AM - 5 PM
Rock Church Point Loma, Lobby
2277 Rosecrans St, San Diego, CA 92106