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Evangelism Fellowship and Training

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Come join us for a night of fellowship and evangelism training! This will be the first part of our 'Answers Arsenal' series where we will concentrate on the defense of the Christian faith or apologetics. Is Christianity blind faith? Do we have viable reasons for what we believe? Was the Bible 'made up' by men? These questions will be answered in hopes to equip you further in evangelism. Skeptics will often object to the Christian worldview and apologetics serves to help the Christian respond to these objections.

When you enter the school parking lot, you will see a building to your immediate right, next to that building is the Lahaye building, enter through the double doors and look to your left and you will see a transparent, glass wall, there is a classroom/student store on the other side. Walk toward the glass wall, pass it on the right side and there will be a brown door to your left, enter through that door and you will find us!

If you have questions about directions or anything else please text or call me @ 808-426-0862

Tuesday · March 17, 2015
6:30 - 8 PM
San Diego Christian College - Founders 103
If you have questions, please contact Josh Sommer at [email protected].

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