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Bridging the Leadership GAP

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Bridging the Leadership GAP is a 6 week program that focuses  on guiding Christian leaders, as they develop as leaders and master the leadership skills they need to thrive.    

You know how aspiring & experienced Christian leaders who are in the midst of developing their leadership skills can often have this problem.

They find themselves in leadership roles only to realize that they lack the experience of managing their own time & actions of others, and become stressed out and confused because of all the demands put upon them, and as a result, it compromises their results.

We understand your problem. With over 75 years of combined experience developing leaders, and with the production of large & successful events such as The Leadership & Communication Expo & America's B.E.S.T Leadership Conference.

As well as, would you believe, our collaboration with other organizations such as Toastmasters International.

We mentor aspiring & experienced leaders, and show them how they can develop & master the skills they need to be a solid Christian leader in work & Life.

In our 6 week program, we offer our students a 6-week structured program called  "Bridging the Leadership GAP". This transformation program guides them from where they are to where God's called them to be.

In this 6 week structured program you will learn: 

How to draw closer to God.  

How to create a Vision & Mission for your Life.  

How to Prioritze your Values.  

How to Develop Strategies.  

How to walk in His fullness & joy!

Wednesday · October 28, 2015
6:30 - 8 PM
Rock Church - 3rd Floor High School
If you have questions, please contact Angel Vallejo at [email protected].

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