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Jesus Geeks Fundraising Repair Night

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Please help us raise funds on select Thursday evenings for our Fundraising Computer Repair event.
(We don't host this event EVERY Thursday evening due to room availability.) 

We open our doors at 7pm, and are there until 9pm in the Ministry Center in Chula Vista to fix your computer issues. 

This Fundraising Repair event solely exists to spread the love of Christ as we attempt to fix your computer issue(s) in a 2-hour time-frame. Please keep in mind that all of our geeks are volunteers; they are not paid to be there to fix your computer. They volunteer willingly and lovingly to minister to our guests while attempting to repair computer issues. 

We are continually raising funds to help the ministry with monthly storage costs, licenses and other refurbishing parts so we can refurbish computers and donate to underprivileged families in San Diego and abroad. It's through monetary donations from people like you who help the Jesus Geeks exist for as long as it has. We are currently only funded by our donors and guests who walk in to our Fundraising Repair events, seeking computer help/repair. Side note : We are not funded by the Rock church or by any other means other than by these monetary donations.

For more details and the latest updates, please be sure to follow us on Facebook. 

Spread the word!
Thank you, and God bless! 

Also, a note from our leadership : 

Many underprivileged kids and ministries have been blessed because you took your computer to our fundraising nights and donated graciously as our volunteers worked hard to fix your computer issues. Over the months, we have saved our community thousands of dollars in computer repair costs and technical support and we love that it helps the underprivileged all over the world get the technology and education they need for a better future. 

Unfortunately, times have been tough for our ministry and we have not been able to raise enough funds fast enough to pay the monthly costs for our storage units where we keep our donated computers that we refurbish for our outreach missions. Because we are behind, the storage company put our units on pre-auction and we no longer have access to our equipment.

Please pray for us and consider donating through Paypal to help us get caught up and continue our outreach to these families and to help us continue our fundraising events. Thank you again for your help and support and may God bless you this new year!


Thursday · June 22, 2017
7 - 9 PM
Rock Church SY's Ministry Center
$10 minimum donation
If you have questions, please contact The Jesus Geeks at [email protected].
Facebook : The Jesus Geeks

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