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Low Cost Spay & Neuter Event - Snap Project

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


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What is a Neuter Scooter - SNAP = Spay Neuter Action Project

The Neuter Scooter

SNAP's two Neuter Scooters are fully equipped mobile spay/neuter clinics. They travel to low-income neighborhoods where our services are most needed. The Neuter Scooters also serve as an educational resource for children and adults providing that all-important information on the real responsibilities of pet ownership, in both English and Spanish.

In addition to providing spay/neuter surgeries, the Neuter Scooters can serve as veterinary and medical facilities during local disasters, much like New York's M*A*S*H Bus did at Ground Zero.


The Neuter Scooter is a 37 foot diesel bus equipped with everything necessary to spay and neuter pets right in their neighborhoods. The Neuter Scooter contains 25 stainless steel kennels, two surgery tables, and anesthesia machines just like a "real" vet clinic. For the comfort of the animals, the bus is air-conditioned.

When the Neuter Scooter began making its rounds in August 2003, it was one of only 20 vehicles in the country equipped as a traveling spay/neuter clinic. In early 2007 SNAP added a second bus, the Neuter Scooter 2.

The Neuter Scooter is funded by private donors and foundations, The Animal Trust Foundation, local PETCO Stores and staff, the PETCO Foundation, Price Charities, a special projects grant sponsored by County Supervisor Pam Slater, and by a grant from the Encinitas Community Grants Program. As you can see the bus is easy to spot, with a full-body graphic-wrap of dogs and cats.

Tuesday · May 2, 2017
9 AM - 5 PM
Low Cost

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