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Note: This is an old event.


The 5K Paw Walk in the Garden
Presented by Pet Paws

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The "5K Paw Walk in the Garden." The 6th time EVER you can take your dog.

Encinitas, CA -- There’s only one day of the year when you can take your dog into the San Diego Botanic Garden and it’s coming up soon. The Sixth annual “5K Paw Walk in the Garden” will take place on Saturday, February 17, 2018 from 8 to 11 AM. Your Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) and the San Diego Botanic Garden (SDBG) will join paws to raise funds that support people, plants, and pets.

“Saturday is the perfect time to take your dog for a walk and the San Diego Botanic Garden is the perfect place to go,” says RCHS Events Coordinator Kelly Peters.  “The 5K Paw Walk gives people an opportunity to do something they’re already planning to do on the only day of the year they can walk with their pets through the Garden.”

We've joked that this is "The walk every dog is begging to go on." Now we're being told by people who have attended in the past that their dogs get excited every time they're near the Garden. It's true!

“The 5K Paw Walk in the Garden has grown so much and so fast,” says Sam Beukema, Education and Events Manager for the Garden. “It’s the walk that every dog is begging to go on. Dogs love it. They get excited just driving past the entrance to the Garden.”

It’s not a race. Walkers can cover the full 5 kilometer / 3.1 mile course, but that’s optional. You don’t need a dog to participate. There are plenty of dogs there to pet. 

You can see the course from a dog’s eye view. We put a camera on a dog and walked him through the Garden.

There will be pet products, food (for people), treats (for dogs), information and displays for animal lovers, a pet first aid station, and (of course) dogs.  

There are only a few rules. Here they are.
*           Dogs must be kept on leash at all times.
*           No leashes longer than 6 feet (including retractable leashes.)
*           No dogs in heat.
*           Owners must clean up after their dog. (There will be poo bags available.)
*           Limit two dogs per person. Really. We mean it. No more than two.
*           Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations.

Register yourself, your team, or for a virtual 5K Paw Walk in the Garden online.
Day of event registration starts at 7:30 AM and paws cross the starting line at 9:00.

More information about the 5K Paw Walk in the Garden is available at RCHS at 389 Requeza Street or SDBG at 230 Quail Gardens Drive in Encinitas.

Doors open at 8am to view vendors, take pictures, have breakfast and partake in contests.

First walk will begin at 9am. 

Last call to start walking will be 11am, but the gardens will remain open until 12pm.

 This event is held RAIN or SHINE

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Event Details

Saturday · February 17, 2018
8 - 11 AM
San Diego Botanic Garden
Balboa Park
Adults $32.00 under 18 Years $21.00