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Kaiors - God's Special Time

Sunday, March 18, 2018



Rock Church San Ysidro Tabling Event, March 18 & 25, 2018, 

Services 8 am, 10 am, 12 pm. Collection of Cookies and Agape placemats will be 3/25/18

A Kairos Inside 4-day weekend is an introduction and opportunity for Christian fellowship with those that are incarcerated. Throughout those 4 days the hope and prayer is that GOD takes over, and moves in the lives of both the candidates (inmates invited at the event) and the volunteers in powerful ways, and He faithfully does. 

Volunteers of the church and community are asked to commit and sign up for the following opportunities to bless the inmates at R.J. Donovan State Prison by committing to any or all of the following seervices for the Lord. 

1.) Prayer Vigil - 

An excellent way to become involved in a Kairos weekend is to sign up for the prayer vigil made available in the mykairos website. To be successful, all Kairos events need to be covered with prayer. Your family, friends, church members, work associates and all are welcome and encouraged to join in and partake in filling the weekend with prayer.

Go to the Kairos website at http://www.mykairos.org/

Then in the Menu on the left click “Get Involved”. Click www.3dayol.org which is under the title “Be a Prayer Partner“. Once you click www.3dayol.org it will open up a new page titled “Active Prayer Vigil Sign-up Sheets”

Under the column Community Name, scroll down to RJ Donovan. Click in the column “Weekend Dates” the blue highlighted dates for Yards B, C and/or D. The prayer sign up times are in 30 minute blocks. Find a date and time that you would like to dedicate in prayer for the Kairos event by clicking on “Sign-up” in the first column. You will be asked to provide your name, email address, your location and country, then click submit form

2.) Cookies and Agape materials- Volunteers can bake cookies for the inamtes attending the 4 day retreat on April 5-8. Cookies shoud be packed in zip lock bags, containng 1 dozen in each bag. Collection of the cookies will be at Rock SY lobby on March 25th at the 8am, 10am, and 12 pm services.

3.) Agape Placemats- Requesting volunteers to draw creative pictures, scriptures, hearts, anything that the Lord puts on your heart that will have a significant impact on the men attending the retreat. Collection will be Sunday March 25.

4.) Agape Letters - Asking volunteers to write personal letters to inmates attending the retreat. The letters should contain a short word of encouragement, scripture, or anything the Lord puts on your heart for individual men to receive at the retreat. Feel free to write as many letters as you are able to. Collection will be on Sunday, March 25, 2018, Rock SY Church, lobby.


Sunday · March 18, 2018
8 AM - 12 PM
San Ysidro Lobby (All Services)
If you have questions, please contact Alfonso Esquer at [email protected].

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