Leadership Track (Term 1)

Tuesday, February 12, 2019



Ministry Purpose:  Pastoral Care Ministries will ensure 24/7 pastoral care services and Kingdom empowerment to everyone who contacts the Rock Church with a need.  This is accomplished through training that equips gifted and called men and women to fulfill their LEADERSHIP role in the church of Jesus Christ within the mission, vision and goals of the Rock Church. This ministry is designed to provide leadership mentoring in the Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy Ministry services of the Rock Church.

Church Goal:  Ensure that the Manifestation of Kingdom of God power is revealed, understood, desired and delivered to 3.6 million people in San Diego and 1 billion globally by 2025

Scope & Sequence of instruction and experience: The Pastoral Leadership training is a one-year commitment that takes place over three terms on Tuesday evenings:

  • Term One:     January 15 - March 19
  • Term Two:     April 16 - June 18 
  • Term Three:  August 20 - October 22

The curriculum focuses on advanced leadership instruction, leadership mentoring and coaching, practical leadership skill development and personal ministry leadership plan strategies.  The pastoral leadership training is considered to be a practical and educational process for mature believers who sense a call to pastoral leadership ministry.

Cost:   The tuition is $450 for the full year training.  Participants may be expected to purchase some additional, required reading and study materials.  The design of the training process is to give personal instruction and practical experience in the full range of biblical church leadership and evangelistic functions.  Emphasis will be on Biblical servant-leadership that models the Kingdom of God authority and humility of Jesus Christ.

Leadership Instruction: On a weekly basis the Pastoral Care Ministry team will meet for pastoral mentoring and instruction on specific pastoral leadership topics.  As a group, the various study assignments involve readings, discussion, in-class rGroup engagement and rich team-relationship building.  Instructors include Rock Church pastors, seminary professors and ministry leaders with expertise in leadership development.

Leadership Training Commitments: This ministry involves;

  • 2 - hours of weekly instruction plus weekly study assignments. The applied leadership ministry on Sundays and/or mid-week will be determined by the ministry in which the leader is actively serving. Please make sure your schedule allows you to make this time commitment
  • Teaching Cluster - Participants will meet once a week for 2-hours for leadership training and group study with the Rock Church pastoral leadership (Tuesdays 6:30pm-8:30pm at the Rock Pt. Loma campus).
  • Pastoral Leadership Ministry - Participants will be accountable for their leadership ministry role as part of their personal development plan.
  • rGroup involvement - Participants will meet with assigned rGroup Leaders throughout the three terms in class for accountability, prayer, and relationship building.

LIFE Class completion is required for serving with the Pastoral Leadership training as well as a current Background Check completion.

Application Process

  • Submit a Pastoral and Chaplaincy Leadership Training Application
  • Completion of one year of pastoral training.
  • Acquire a letter of recommendation from a Rock Church ministry leader or Rock Church Pastor that you are (or plan to be) faithfully serving in a ministry leadership role.
  • Submit payment in one of two ways: 
    1. Payment in Full for Entire Year is $450 due by January 15th (or)
    2. Payment can be split into 2 equal amounts of $250; first payment due January 15th  with the second payment due April 16th.
    3. Please note that all payments are "Non-Refundable" due to the pre-ordering of all class materials 

All application elements can be submitted online (except the letter of recommendation). Otherwise, print out the application and email a scanned copy to Gerrilyn Noyes, Pastoral Care Administrator at: [email protected] or mail completed documents to: 

  • Gerrilyn Mattox | 2277 Rosecrans St. San Diego, CA 92106
Tuesday · February 12, 2019
6:30 - 8:30 PM
Rock Church Point Loma - #235
If you have questions, please contact Gerrilyn Mattox at [email protected].
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