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Easter at Rock Church

Friday, April 19 — 7 PM — All Campuses
Saturday, April 20 — 4 PM — All Campuses
Sunday, April 21 — 8 AM, 10 AM, 12 PM & 6 PM — All Campuses
Rock Campuses
Point Loma — 2277 Rosecrans St., San Diego, CA 92106 — map
San Marcos — 1370 W San Marcos Blvd., San Marcos, CA, 92078 — map
East County — 808 Jackman St., El Cajon, CA, 92020 — map
San Ysidro — 5353 Airway Rd., San Diego, CA, 92154 — map
City Heights — 4001 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA, 92105 — map
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IronMen Disciple's Path 'MAP' Ministry

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


Take a journey in your faith through the Disciple's Path 'MAP'

1. Rock Church Men's Ministries (R.C.M.M.) invites all men to come every Tuesday to Men's Night, starting at 6:25 PM.

  • Men's Ministries are located at each Rock Church Campus.

2. The IronMen Disciple's Path 'MAP' gather to meet every first and third Tuesday of the month.

IronMen Disciple's Path 'MAP' Ministry has been developed for men's discipleship that point men into a continuous initmate loving relationship with Jesus Christ that is real and personnal. The Disciple's Path 'MAP' ministry will meet twice a month over a one year period. Men learn how to spend time with God the Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit through prayer, worship, biblical homework assignments, learning memory verses, journaling, establish accountibility, receive biblical instruction, and then get to share it in relationships with other men of God. It is in a small group setting that men learn to build their relationship with Jesus and share it with the other men in their group. The journey with other brothers in Christ is guided by a Group Leader, Co-leader and 4-6 fellow students over the one year commitment. You are invited to come, follow and join Jesus in what He is doing around you.

Additional information about IronMen Disicple's Path Ministry can be found on sdrock.com/mens  

 4 - Rock Church Campus Locations 

San Marcus, East County, San Ysidro & City Heights  

Meet Twice a month; First and Third Tuesday

Disciple's Path 'MAP' Class of 2019 - Session Schedule                                                                                          

                     Session                                            SUBJECT TITLE                        Session  Dates

                           1                                           Introduction & Orientation                        

                        Disciple Training -1                     Foundation in Christ 

                           2                                                   Four Spiritual Laws                                                               

                           3                                               Holy Spirit Filled Life                                                                                

                           4                                                  My Heart Christ Home                                                      

                           5                           Understanding the Gift of Grace  (3 week break) 

                   Disciple Training -2                Pure Heart of a Godly Warrior 

                          6                                                     Freedom from sin                                             

                          7                                                   Foundation of Life                                                  

                          8                                                        Alive with Christ                                                     

                          9                                                New Perspective (4 week break)                       

                        10                                                          First Priority                               

                   Disciple Training -3                  My Relationship in Christ

                        11                                                        My Position                                                  

                        12                                             My Position & My Privilege                                                                       

                        13                                                        My Privilege                                                                                           

                        14                                                         My Power                                          

                        15                                              My Power & My Purpose                                                     

                        16                                                  My Purpose (3 week break)                   4/16                                   

                   Disciple Training - 4                        Unlocking the Kingdom  

                         17                                                        God’s Kingdom                                  5/7         

                         18                                                    God’s Kingdom Keys                            5/21                  

                         19                                              Nourishment from the Kingdom              6/4

                         20                              Advancement of the Kingdom (4 week break)      6/18

                         21                                                    Inspired and Submitted                       7/16

                         22                                            Displacement will Transformation            8/6

                Congratulations to you man of God in staying the course upholding your one year resolution

                   to a continous itimate loving relationship with Jesus Christ that is real and personal.

                                      You and one guest are invited to a Graduation Dinner Banquet.

                                 Thursday August 29th at Tom Hams Light House; Check-In at 6:15 PM 

Tuesday · April 16, 2019
6:30 - 8:30 PM
Rock Church San Marcus, East County, San Ysidro & City Heights - Contact your Rock Church Campus Men's Di
If you have questions, please contact Campus Captains Mark Lowery, Juan Ramos, at [email protected].

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