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Monday, November 4, 2019



Would you like to have a marriage that is set apart from all others? Where intimacy and communication are a reality instead of a dream? Rock Marriage is hosting a monthly marriage workshop that will help you examine God's design for marriage, with biblical and practical instruction to equip you to better understand what God desires for you.

Join Marriage Professionals and Rock Pastors as we discuss: Sex & Intimacy, Communication, Finances, In-Laws, Conflict Resolution, And more.

Childcare will be provided by Kids Care: $5/kid max cost $10/family.

Class Details:

TITLE: Passionate Friendship
GUEST SPEAKER: Brian Reiswig

At the heart of every strong marriage is a thriving friendship. In the hustle of life, so many couples find themselves drifting from a sense of deep emotional connection to feeling like roommates. If you want to turn up the romance, go back to the basics and learn how laughing together is more powerful than chocolates and jewelry at turning up the heat!

Meet Brian:

BIO: As a Marriage and Family Therapist, Brian has a passion to help men and women to redefine their relationships with their sexuality, food & body image, and each other. It is his mission to help men and women create deep and meaningful connection that will last the rest of their lives. From his own personal work, he knows that counseling can sometimes feel alien to men. He takes care to create a safe and honest environment for men and women, to foster trust and achieve the results you desire.

Most therapists have never taken a single course in couples therapy. Consequently, the one therapy that fails most is couples counseling. He has dedicated his career to ongoing training in trauma, ED, addiction/sexual-compulsion, and couples work. Brian helps men, women and couples to find freedom, safety and connection.

Monday · November 4, 2019
6 - 8 PM
If you have questions, please contact Marriage Ministry at [email protected].
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