Analyzing Eve - Role Out! - w/ co-host Darren Carrington

Saturday, February 5, 2005


Step right up, boys and girls, and buckle up for the ride of your life: Analyzing Eve presents: Role Out. Yes, thats right, folks. The ladies of Analyzing Eve are at it again, and this time the attraction is open to both the gals and the gents. SCREEEEEEEEEECH! WHAT?! You heard it right here. The other rides have drawn such a crowd that Role Out will be opening its line to men for the very first time! But ladies, dont you worry- there are plenty of seats open for you, too. Whats a good time without tasty treats and groovy beats? Dont miss the grub and live music with Trevor Davis which starts at 7 PM sharp, then comes the show with co-host Trish Teves and Darren Carrington with a panel of your favorite Rocksters and after enjoy the live sounds of Just Verbatim and tasty desserts. Make sure you dont get left on the ground. Skip the lines with a Fast Pass for just $8 in the Rockpile or purchase tickets for $10 at the door. Need Childcare? You need to sign up in advance! Click on Women's Ministry below, click on Go to the Women's Ministry website and check out the AE page or go to:
Saturday · February 5, 2005
7 - 9 PM
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