Monday, March 19, 2007


Brothas- Untouchables Series

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Do you have a desire to become one of Gods elite? To resist and conquer the attacks and struggles that my come your way along your spiritual and professional journey?

To be the elite means to have the proper training, discipline, skills and success required to become Untouchable and un-phased by the attacks that our spiritual adversary may bring. This six part series will give you the practical ideals and tools to help you champion your faith and life as a believer or professional.

Part 1 Are you Trusted or Busted? Do you recognize what is required of you to become an Untouchable for God? (Jan.29)

Part 2 Becoming a "G" Man Is the Gravity of Gods presence pulling you in the right direction? (Feb. 5th)

Part 3 Preparation by Navigation Practical principles in preparing to follow the plan or map God has put before you.(Feb. 19th)

Part 4 Assassination of Procrastination Biblical principles to help you follow through with commitments and goals and eliminate procrastination. (Mar. 5th)

Part 5 Setting the Pace to Run the Race How to set realistic and achievable goals that will promote you from failure to success. (Mar.19th)

Part 6 Priorities with Purpose Will help you align the priorities you have discovered for you life with the purpose and plan that God has intended. (April 2nd)

I believe at the end of this series you will know what is required of you as a child of God; be equipped with the tools for attainable goal setting, as well as have a general plan for your life that is aligned with Gods purpose for you. Our spiritual adversary has a plan to kill your dreams and destinyit is Gods intention to make you an Untouchable for his kingdom. His dreams and destiny are yours to fulfill!

This will be a six week series, beginning January 29th that will impact your life! Please come.

Monday · March 19, 2007
7:15 - 9:15 PM

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