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Tijuana Children's Outreach
Children's outreach at Emanuel Church in Tijuana
We are returning to this church to do another event for the children. We hope to do these about once very six weeks. Our first event there drew 96 kids, a record attendance! Our goal is to grow to at least 200 kids! We are going into an area of Tijuana with a lot of spiritual need. Crime is high and many are tempted to get involved in the drug trade and other illicit activities to improve their finanacial and social status. We are hoping to make a difference by reaching the people at a young age and throuhg the kids have an impact on the adult population as well. If you like doing any type of work with kids then this is for you. Please email or call my cell at (619)252-4863. We will meet at the Burger King located just off of I-805 at the "E" st exit in CHula Vista at 9:00 am. We should be back in the states by 2:00PM maybe slightly earlier.

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Event Details

Saturday · June 30, 2007
9 AM - 2 PM
Stephen Motz