Men's Breakfast- 'Spiritual Active Duty'

Saturday, July 28, 2007


MEN'S BREAKFAST: 'Spiritual Active Duty'

Have you enlisted in 'Spiritual Active Duty' ? Come here our Lord's message from a man that is enlisted in both our U.S. Military and in God's Army. You don't want to miss this message!

A brief bio on Chaplain Paul Kim is listed below.

Location: On the Border Mexican restaurant in Mission Valley

Cost: $10

Chaplain Paul B. Kims Bio


  • Born in Seoul, Korea.
  • Converted to Christianity from Buddhism in 1983.
  • Immigrated to the U.S and graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology
  • While working as an Aerospace Engineer, he received the calling from God.
  • Served as a missionary and a pastor in Los Angeles and San Diego.
  • Commissioned as Lieutenant of the United States Navy and became a chaplain in 2003.
  • Served 1st Marine Expeditionary Force at Camp Pendleton, California from April 2004 to December 2006.
  • Deployed to Iraq in 2006 for 7 months as a chaplain over 1,500 Marines near Ramadi and Fallujah.
  • None of the 1,500 Marines was killed by hostile fire. Over 100 Marines accepted Jesus as their Savior and received baptism, including an Iraqi Army soldier, during his chaplaincy in Iraq.
  • Currently serving Naval Coastal Warfare Group One in San Diego, California since January, 2007.
  • Trained and raised over 600 youths and young adults, including Camp Pendleton Marines and Sailors, as short-term and long-term missionaries.
  • Accomplished numerous mission projects in Africa, Russia, Middle East, Central Asia and Far East.
  • Currently carrying out mission projects in India.
Saturday · July 28, 2007
8 - 10 AM

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