Coyote Canyon Trail Run

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Come howl at the moon


Due to the events delay We are going to open up more spots for the trip, so if you wanted to go and did not RSVP let me know. Keep checking for more information.

TROY --- for more info call me at (760-735-2868)

  • Lower Coyote Canyon is a moderate trail with soft sand and a tough rocky climb and potentially deep water crossing. High ground clearance and skid plates are recomended. Most well equiped stock 4-wheel drive vehicles with off-road tires can complete this trail. We will meet at the parking lot infront of the CVS on E. Valley Parkway in Escondido at 5:30am and leave at 5:45am sharp. And then travel to the XL Co Gas Station in Borrego Springs to fill up. Anyone who wants to meet us at the XL Co please state that in the RSVP. We will arrive at the XL Co at approximately 7:00am and remain there only enough time to set off for the trail head (about 10 minutes) so plan accordingly if you are meeting us at the XL Co. Always call ahead if you are running late.
  1. Your vehicle will need 4-wheel drive, (not any AWD vehicles please), off-road tires, a matching full size and usuable spare tire, working seat belts, a factory hard top or a full roll cage and it should be in good working order.
  2. You will need water, a breathing mask for smoke, a CB radio, a tow strap and some snacks, or just a mask, water and snacks if you plan to ride along and not drive. Please RSVP for this event by November 8th.
  3. Trail Ratings (1-5)
  4. Average Rating: 2
  5. Low End: 1
  6. High End: 3
  7. Rocks: 3
  8. Snow & Mud: 1
  9. Sand: 3
  10. Water Crossing: 3
  11. Articulation: 2
  12. Climbs & Descents: 2
  13. Off-Camber: 1
  14. Body Damage Risk: 1
Saturday · November 10, 2007
6 AM - 12 PM
If you have questions, please contact Troy Stubblefield at [email protected].

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