Homeless (Bread of Life)

Thursday, February 24, 2005


We are now going to meet every Thursday Downtown on G and 14th Street, yes we are still in need of volunteers, clothes, money, pre-made food (ready to eat no prep. req.), Sleeping Bags/Blankets, socks(highly requested nice thick white socks), beannies and gloves (to keep their heads and hands warm). We as a ministry are now going to be working with Set Free Ministries in El Cajon to help get those whom are homeless lost and in need of Jesus to get off the streets, get solid Discipleship, jobs, and their lives back from Satan whom they have given it over to while enslaved to their flesh and its desires. We must all Remember that While we were still Sinners Christ Jesus Died for us and Sacrificed HIMSELF unto death on a Cros that we might live and all mankind was created in God's Image, so we must learn to Love in sincerity and authenticity (Charity- Giving without expecting in return, so why not give to those whom have nothing to give back tangibly to us and then test our faith, hope, and love). We as Ministry would like to be able to continue our Thursday Night outreach gather up Leaders to continue outreach like our Thursday night outreach for Mon., Tues., Wed. and Fri. wo that we are out there Monday through Friday at night passing out food, Gospael Tracks/Pocket Bibles i f we can get them, Water, Blankets, and Invintations to The Church Without Walls in Balboa park on Saturdays that we will be Starting this month off of Sixth street by Horizon Park Chaple, every Saturday we want to BBQ, pass out clothes, blankets, water, preach the Gospel message, and offer Assistance in getting into Programs Like the Rescue Mission, Set Free, and other Christian Ministries in San Diego County that exist to meet the needs of San Diego's Homeless Population we will be like a broker for these Programs and the Ministry that is down in the trenches and building relationships with the Homeless segment of society. This will require financial contributions, clothing, blankets, prayer, volunteers (not too many on Saturdays just yet only need about 10-25 people on Saturdays.), and we will need transportation to get the homeless to these programs and Sunday Services at the Rock. Also looking for people with a heart for the homeless youth to head up that aspect of homeless outreach and allow another avenue for the Rock congregation to be of service for HIS kingdom and Glory here on earth. Non-profit status as posted previously is not yet required for our work and God will allow everything to happen in his timing o.k. Currently as a Ministry The Bread of Life is Participating in the Rock Night at the Gulls event on Sat. March 19th to raise funds for our out reach and Ministry work Goid has for us so call me at the number below or e-mail me at steveb@therocksandiego.org if you wish to purchase tickets, sponsor a homeless child, man, or woman to go to this event and get out of their misery for one evening, also if you know of any kids whom do not have the money to go to an event like this but want to or would love to then purchase them a ticket and call me and let me know how we as ministry can assist in getting themthe ticket and a ride there o.k. The cost of Sponsoring a room as a Mnistry is $700 a month what this money does in sponsor four women or men in the Set Free Program which is six months long, for 1 month to live (eat, shower, get taught how to be a Disciple/Christian, learn Job skills, and find work, and become an active Christian member of society after they graduate the program and we would be able to go counsel, visit, and minister to them as time permitted as a ministry. So for $4,200 dollars we would be able to Change four individuals lives and then produce fruit that would go out into society and reproduce them selves and we would bve taking care of the poor in the land the Lord our God has given us (San Diego). - Duetronomy 15: 1-11 (Read it Please). Contributions to the homeless ministry are not yet tax deductible and are completely freewill offerings to help out others whom are less fortunate than ourselves. I can be reached at my voice mail which is 619-549-3000
Thursday · February 24, 2005
8:45 - 10 PM
If you have questions, please contact Steve Bigley at homelessministry@therocksandiego.org.

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